TSC-112L3H: Main functions, application areas and alternative models


TSC-112L3H Overview:

The TSC-112L3H is a relay module that typically consists of a relay and associated control circuitry. Below is an overview of its main functions, application areas, and alternative models:


Main Functions:

  1. Switching Functionality: The TSC-112L3H is designed to enable electrical switching operations, allowing for the control of circuits using low-power signals.

  2. Isolation: Provides electrical isolation between the control and switching circuits, ensuring safety and preventing interference.

  3. Control Logic: Incorporates control logic to activate or deactivate the relay based on input signals or conditions.

  4. Signal Amplification: Amplifies control signals to switch higher power loads without directly affecting the control circuit.

  5. DataSheet

    TSC-112L3H PDF

Application Areas:

  1. Industrial Automation: Used in industrial control systems for switching motors, lights, and other electrical loads.

  2. Home Automation: Integrated in home automation setups for controlling lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems.

  3. Automotive Electronics: Employed in automotive applications for controlling lights, fans, and other electrical components.

  4. Power Distribution: Utilized in power distribution systems for switching power sources and loads.

  5. IoT Devices: Integrated into IoT devices for remote control and automation functionalities.

Alternative Models:

  1. Omron G2R Relay: The Omron G2R series offers similar functionality and is widely used in various applications.

  2. Panasonic JS1 Relay: The JS1 series from Panasonic provides reliable switching capabilities for diverse applications.

  3. TE Connectivity KUEP Relay: The KUEP series from TE Connectivity offers alternatives with varying specifications and features.

  4. Schneider Electric Zelio Relay: Zelio relays from Schneider Electric are known for their performance and durability in industrial applications.


  • Selection Criteria: When choosing an alternative relay module, consider factors such as current/voltage ratings, contact configuration, operating conditions, and application-specific requirements.

  • Datasheets: Refer to the datasheets of alternative relay modules for detailed specifications, dimensions, and electrical characteristics to ensure compatibility with your application.

The TSC-112L3H relay module, with its switching capabilities and control logic, finds applications across various sectors, offering reliable control and isolation functionalities. When seeking alternative models, explore reputed brands like Omron, Panasonic, TE Connectivity, and Schneider Electric for suitable substitutes based on your specific requirements.