The LM2901DT is a low-power quad voltage comparator IC manufactured by STMicroelectronics. Here is an overview of the LM2901DT comparator:


LM2901DT Comparator Overview:

  • Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
  • Part Number: LM2901DT
  • Type: Quad Voltage Comparator
  • Number of Comparators: 4 comparators in a single IC
  • Package: 14-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit)
  • DataSheet

    LM2901DT PDF

Key Features:

  • Quad Comparator: Contains four independent comparator circuits in one package.
  • Low Power Consumption: Suitable for battery-powered or energy-efficient applications.
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: Operational across various supply voltage levels.
  • High Input Impedance: Minimizes loading effects on input signals.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Offset Voltage: The inherent voltage difference required for the comparator to change states.
  • Input Offset Current: Current imbalance at the inputs affecting precision.
  • Response Time: Speed at which the comparator responds to input changes.
  • Input Common-Mode Voltage Range: The range of voltages that can be applied to the input pins.


The LM2901DT quad voltage comparator is widely used in diverse applications, such as:

  • Analog Signal Processing: Precision voltage comparisons in analog circuits.
  • Threshold Detection: Implementing threshold detection and window comparators.
  • Motor Control: Monitoring motor phases and conditions based on voltage levels.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Triggering protective measures in case of exceeding specified voltage limits.
  • Battery Management: Voltage monitoring and control in battery-operated systems.

Working Principle:

  • Comparator Functionality: Compares voltages applied to its inputs and outputs a logic signal based on the comparison result.
  • Open Collector Outputs: Provides flexibility to interface with various logic levels and circuits.
  • Hysteresis: Some versions offer hysteresis to prevent oscillations and ensure stable switching.


  • Detailed information on electrical characteristics, application circuits, and recommendations can be found in the datasheet provided by STMicroelectronics for the LM2901DT comparator.
  • Proper external components, such as resistors and capacitors, may be required to configure the comparator for specific applications.

The LM2901DT quad comparator from STMicroelectronics is a versatile integrated circuit with multiple comparators, low power consumption, and a wide supply voltage range, making it suitable for various precision voltage comparison tasks in electronic circuits.