TNY380PN:Overview, Features, and Applications


TNY380PN Overview:

The TNY380PN is a member of the TinySwitch-III family of Energy-Efficient, Off-line Switcher ICs developed by Power Integrations. This specific integrated circuit is designed for low power offline applications, offering features that enhance energy efficiency and simplify power supply design.


Features of TNY380PN:

  1. Integrated Off-line Switcher: Combines a high-voltage power MOSFET switch, power supply control, and feedback into a single IC, reducing external component count.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Designed for high efficiency to meet energy-saving requirements in various applications, reducing power consumption.

  3. Advanced Protection Features: Includes features like line under-voltage detection, over-temperature protection, and auto-restart for enhanced safety and reliability.

  4. Frequency Jittering: Incorporates a frequency jittering feature to reduce EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) emissions, aiding in meeting regulatory requirements.

  5. Auto Restart Mode: Safely restarts the power supply in fault conditions, enhancing the overall robustness of the system.

  6. DataSheet

    TNY380PN PDF

Applications of TNY380PN:

  1. Power Adapters: Suitable for low-power adapters used in consumer electronics, providing efficient power conversion.

  2. LED Lighting: Used in LED driver circuits for applications like LED bulbs, strips, and signage due to its energy efficiency.

  3. Home Appliances: Employed in various home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and TVs to improve power efficiency.

  4. Industrial Equipment: Integrated into industrial control systems, automation equipment, and instrumentation for power management.

  5. IoT Devices: Ideal for low-power Internet of Things (IoT) devices requiring efficient power supplies in compact form factors.


  • The TNY380PN simplifies system design in offline power applications by providing a comprehensive solution in a compact package.
  • Detailed information regarding the device's pinout, electrical characteristics, application circuit examples, and thermal considerations can be found in the datasheet provided by Power Integrations.
  • When utilizing the TNY380PN in your design, ensure compliance with safety standards and adhere to the guidelines outlined in the datasheet to optimize performance and reliability.

Power Integrations' TNY380PN is a versatile energy-efficient IC suitable for a range of power supply applications, offering enhanced features to meet modern energy-saving demands across various industries.