Quality Control

We have our own QC department and some cooperated third party testing lab,to do Visual Inspection, X-Ray Inspection, Chemical Decapsulation,Functional Test etc. We are always on the way to become more professional and reliable.

Our QC Visual Inspection

Outside Package Inspection
1.avoid any sign of damage with the package
2.compare package/box dimensions with manufacturer’s data sheet
3.Examine Label Information
4.Component Marking,must describe the same with the manufacturer's data sheet.

Electron Microscope Inspection

1.Examine top and bottom’s appearance include cracks, scratches
2.Examine leads, Pins, BGA Balls such as corrosion, oxidization, scratches, pin bent etc

Third-Party Testing Agency

In order to assure quality and original components, INKSON LIMITED will suggest and provide professional and authenticate electronic component testing laboratory service.We had cooperated with some famous testing in Shenzhen and Hongkong. Provide below testing service:

  • Microscope External Visual Inspection (EVI)
  • Remarking and Resurfacing Tests (MPT and RTS)
  • Scrape Testing
  • Chemical Decapsulation
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Functional Test