The TS5A23157DGSR is a Dual Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT) analog switch integrated circuit manufactured by Texas Instruments. This IC is designed to act as a signal routing switch, allowing signals to be routed between two paths. It comes in a 10-pin MSOP (Mini Small Outline Package) form factor. Below is an overview of the TS5A23157DGSR, including its features, specifications, applications, working principle, and potential alternatives:


TS5A23157DGSR Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • IC Type: Dual Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT) Switch
  • Package Type: 10-pin MSOP
  • Switch Configuration: 2 independently controlled SPDT switches
  • Signal Routing: Allows signals to be switched between two paths

Key Features:

  • Dual SPDT Switches: Two independent SPDT switches in a single package
  • Low On-Resistance: Minimizes signal attenuation when the switch is on
  • Low Power Consumption: Suitable for power-sensitive applications
  • Wide Voltage Range: Compatible with various voltage levels
  • Fast Switching Speed: Enables rapid signal routing
  • DataSheet

    TS5A23157DGSR PDF


  • Switch Configuration: 2 SPDT switches for signal routing
  • On-Resistance: Low on-resistance for signal integrity
  • Operating Voltage Range: Supports a wide range of operating voltages
  • Control Interface: Typically controlled through digital signals (logic level control)
  • Package Size: 10-pin MSOP for compact PCB layout


  • Analog Signal Routing: Commonly used to switch analog signals between different paths
  • Audio/Video Switching: Enables switching between audio or video sources in multimedia systems
  • Instrumentation: Used in test and measurement equipment for signal routing
  • Communication Systems: Integrated into communication systems for signal management

Working Principle:

  • The TS5A23157DGSR operates as a dual SPDT switch, providing two independent switch channels.
  • When activated, the switch changes its connection state, routing signals between two different paths.
  • Control signals determine the switch state, directing the signal flow accordingly.

Alternative Models:

  • DG408: Analog multiplexer/demultiplexer switches capable of similar functionalities
  • MAX14774: Dual analog switch IC with SPDT configuration
  • ADG774: Another dual SPDT analog switch option

The TS5A23157DGSR by Texas Instruments is a versatile dual SPDT analog switch ideal for applications requiring signal routing capabilities between two paths. Understanding its features and specifications can help in effectively integrating it into electronic circuits for signal routing and management. For more detailed information on the TS5A23157DGSR's electrical characteristics, refer to the official datasheet and application notes provided by Texas Instruments.