The INA199A2DCKR by Texas Instruments is an integrated circuit that functions as a precision current-sensing operational amplifier. It is designed for measuring small differential voltages across a shunt resistor in high-side current-sensing applications. This IC is available in an SC70-6 package and offers precise current measurement capabilities. Below is an overview of the INA199A2DCKR, covering its features, specifications, applications, working principle, and potential alternatives:


INA199A2DCKR Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • IC Type: High-Side Current-Sensing Operational Amplifier
  • Package Type: SC70-6 (Small Outline Package with 6 pins)
  • Bandwidth: Up to 14 kHz for accurate current measurements
  • Input Type: Differential for measuring small voltage drops across a shunt resistor

Key Features:

  • High Accuracy: Provides precise current measurements
  • High-Side Sensing: Suitable for measuring current on the high side of the load
  • Wide Bandwidth: Supports high-speed current sensing applications
  • Small Package Size: SC70-6 for compact system design
  • Low Offset Voltage: Minimizes errors in current measurement
  • DataSheet



  • Voltage Supply Range: Supports the required voltage levels for the application
  • Output Type: Differential voltage output proportional to the sensed current
  • Input Offset Voltage: Low to ensure accurate current sensing
  • Temperature Range: Operating temperature specifications for various environments
  • Gain Accuracy: Maintains accurate current measurements across different loads


  • Battery Management: Monitoring and managing battery charging and discharging currents
  • Power Management: Current sensing in power supplies and voltage regulators
  • Motor Control: Current feedback in motor control applications
  • Precision Measurement: Precision current monitoring for various applications

Working Principle:

  • The INA199A2DCKR measures the voltage across a shunt resistor, converting it into a proportional output voltage.
  • It amplifies the small voltage developed across the shunt to provide an accurate representation of the current passing through it.
  • The differential output voltage is proportional to the current flowing through the load, allowing for precise current measurement.

Alternative Models:

  • INA138: Precision current-shunt monitor with similar features
  • MAX9938: High-side current-sense amplifier with differential input
  • LT1994: Current-sense amplifier offering high accuracy and precision

The INA199A2DCKR from Texas Instruments is a specialized operational amplifier tailored for high-precision current sensing applications, particularly on the high side of the load. Understanding its specifications and capabilities can aid in effectively implementing current measurement solutions in various electronic systems. For detailed technical information and design guidelines, refer to the official datasheet and application notes provided by Texas Instruments for the INA199A2DCKR.