The TPS62170DSGR from Texas Instruments is a buck (step-down) voltage regulator integrated circuit designed for converting higher input voltages to lower regulated output voltages efficiently. It can deliver up to 500mA of current and comes in an 8-pin WSON (Wide Small Outline No-lead) package. Here is an overview of the TPS62170DSGR detailing its features, specifications, applications, and working principles:


TPS62170DSGR Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • IC Type: Buck (Step-Down) Voltage Regulator
  • Package Type: 8-pin WSON
  • Maximum Output Current: 500mA
  • Adjustable Output: Allows for adjustable output voltage

Key Features:

  • Efficiency: Designed for high-efficiency power conversion
  • Adjustable Output: Provides flexibility in setting the output voltage
  • Compact Package: 8-pin WSON for space-constrained applications
  • Current Limiting: Integrated current limiting for protection
  • Thermal Shutdown: Includes protection against excessive heat
  • DataSheet

    TPS62170DSGR PDF


  • Output Type: Adjustable output voltage regulator (buck converter)
  • Maximum Output Current: 500mA for low-power applications
  • Package Size: 8-pin WSON for compact PCB design
  • Input Voltage Range: Supports a range of input voltages
  • Switching Frequency: Typically operates in the MHz range for efficiency


  • Battery-Powered Devices: Ideal for portable and low-power applications
  • IoT Devices: Suited for Internet of Things (IoT) devices requiring power regulation
  • Embedded Systems: Commonly used in various embedded systems for power management
  • Consumer Electronics: Found in a range of consumer electronic products

Working Principle:

  • The TPS62170DSGR functions as a buck regulator, stepping down higher input voltages to desired output levels efficiently.
  • It operates by rapidly switching the input voltage and controlling the duty cycle to regulate the output voltage.
  • The adjustable output feature enables customization of the output voltage according to application requirements.


  • The TPS62170DSGR is a versatile buck regulator suitable for low-power applications that require efficient power conversion.
  • It is important to consult the datasheet and application notes for detailed specifications, design considerations, and guidance on maximizing performance in your specific application.

The TPS62170DSGR from Texas Instruments is a reliable buck voltage regulator IC, offering adjustable voltage output and current handling capabilities suitable for various low-power electronic devices. For comprehensive information on electrical characteristics, thermal considerations, and application-specific design guidelines, it is recommended to review the official datasheet provided by Texas Instruments for the TPS62170DSGR.