TDA7294V STMicroelectronics IC AMP AB MONO 100W 15MULTIWATT


The TDA7294V is a mono audio amplifier IC manufactured by STMicroelectronics. Here is some information about its configuration, function, and typical applications:


Configuration: The TDA7294V is packaged in a 15-Multiwatt package, which provides a convenient form factor for mounting on a heat sink. It is a mono amplifier, meaning it is designed to power a single audio channel.

Function: The main function of the TDA7294V audio amplifier IC is to amplify audio signals with high fidelity and provide power to drive a speaker. It is a Class AB amplifier, which combines the advantages of Class A and Class B amplifiers to provide both efficiency and low distortion.

Key features and functions of the TDA7294V may include:

  1. High Power Output: The IC is capable of delivering up to 100 Watts of power in a single-channel configuration, making it suitable for medium-power audio amplification applications.
  2. Wide Supply Voltage Range: The amplifier is designed to operate with a wide supply voltage range, typically from ±10V to ±40V, allowing flexibility in design and compatibility with various power supply configurations.
  3. Low Distortion: The TDA7294V is engineered with low levels of harmonic and intermodulation distortion, ensuring accurate reproduction of the input audio signal.
  4. High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): The IC is designed to provide a high SNR, allowing for a clean and noise-free audio output.
  5. Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection: The amplifier is equipped with built-in protection features, such as short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown, to safeguard the IC and connected components during fault conditions.
  6. Multiwatt Package: The package design facilitates efficient heat dissipation, which is crucial for power amplifiers. It allows for easy mounting on an appropriate heat sink to manage the heat generated during operation.

Application Field: The TDA7294V audio amplifier IC can be suitable for various audio applications, including:

  1. Hi-Fi Audio Systems: It can be used in high-quality audio amplifiers for home stereo systems, providing power amplification for clear and detailed sound reproduction.
  2. Public Address (PA) Systems: The amplifier can be employed in PA systems, including small to medium-sized venues, shops, and conference rooms, delivering sufficient power to drive loudspeakers for public announcements or background music.
  3. Subwoofer Amplifiers: The TDA7294V can be used as a subwoofer amplifier in audio systems, providing the necessary power to drive low-frequency signals and produce deep bass.
  4. Musical Instruments: The IC can be utilized in musical instrument amplifiers, such as guitar amplifiers or keyboard amplifiers, to deliver the required power and enhance the instrument's sound projection.
  5. Audio Power Boosters: It can also be used as a power booster in existing amplifiers or audio systems, allowing for increased power output to drive more demanding speakers or improve overall system performance.

Please note that the above list provides general application areas for the TDA7294V audio amplifier IC based on its typical characteristics. For detailed specifications, circuit design considerations, and application-specific guidelines, it is recommended to refer to the official datasheet and technical documentation provided by STMicroelectronics for this particular component.