The TL082IPT is a dual operational amplifier (op-amp) IC with JFET inputs, manufactured by STMicroelectronics. Here is some information about its configuration, function, and typical applications:


Configuration: The TL082IPT is available in an 8-pin Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (TSSOP). It consists of two independent op-amp circuits within a single IC.

Function: The main function of the TL082IPT op-amp IC is to amplify and process analog signals. The JFET (junction field-effect transistor) input stage provides high input impedance, low input bias current, and low input offset voltage, making it suitable for high-impedance and precision signal conditioning applications.

Key features and functions of the TL082IPT may include:

  1. JFET Input: The IC incorporates JFET inputs, which provide high input impedance and low input bias current. This makes the op-amp suitable for applications requiring high input impedance to minimize loading effects and precision signal amplification.
  2. Dual Op-Amp Configuration: The TL082IPT features two independent op-amp circuits within a single package, allowing for cost-effective and space-efficient designs.
  3. Low Input Offset Voltage: The JFET input stage minimizes the input offset voltage, which is necessary for accurate signal amplification and precise signal conditioning.
  4. Wide Bandwidth: The op-amp typically offers a wide bandwidth, allowing it to process high-frequency signals effectively.
  5. Low Distortion: The TL082IPT op-amp is designed to have low distortion characteristics, making it suitable for audio and other applications where signal fidelity is important.
  6. Rail-to-Rail Output: The outputs of the op-amp can reach close to the power supply rails, enabling a wide output voltage swing and compatibility with various signal levels.
  7. Low Power Consumption: The IC is typically designed for low power consumption, making it suitable for battery-operated or low-power applications.

Application Field: The TL082IPT op-amp IC can be suitable for various applications, including:

  1. Audio Amplification: The op-amp can be used in audio preamplifiers, mixers, equalizers, and other audio processing circuits where high input impedance, low distortion, and wide bandwidth are important.
  2. Instrumentation Amplification: It can be utilized in precision measurement and instrumentation equipment, such as data acquisition systems, bridge amplifiers, and transducer signal conditioning circuits.
  3. Active Filters: The TL082IPT can be employed in active filter designs, such as low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters, where high input impedance and precision signal conditioning are required.
  4. Sensor Interfaces: It can be used to interface sensors with analog front-end circuits, providing amplification and signal conditioning for various types of sensors, including temperature, pressure, light, and position sensors.
  5. Voltage and Current Buffers: The op-amp can be used as a voltage or current buffer to isolate and drive loads in a circuit.
  6. Voltage Comparators: The TL082IPT can be employed in voltage comparator circuits, where it compares two input voltages and provides a digital output based on their relative magnitudes.

Please note that the above list provides general application areas for the TL082IPT op-amp IC based on its typical characteristics. For detailed specifications, design considerations, and application-specific guidelines, it is recommended to refer to the official datasheet and technical documentation provided by STMicroelectronics for this particular component.