RC0603FR-07150RL Yageo RES SMD 150 OHM 1% 1/10W 0603


The part number RC0603FR-07150RL indicates a surface mount resistor manufactured by Yageo. Here's a breakdown of the details for this particular resistor:


  • Manufacturer: Yageo
  • Type: RES SMD (Surface Mount Device)
  • Resistance Value: 150 ohms
  • Tolerance: 1%
  • Power Rating: 1/10W
  • Package/Case Size: 0603

This part number indicates a surface mount resistor with a resistance value of 150 ohms and a tolerance of 1%. The power rating is 1/10W, and the package/case size of the resistor is 0603.

Surface mount resistors are widely used in electronic applications and are designed for high-density mounting and mass production. The 0603 package size is a common size suitable for a wide range of circuit board designs.

This particular resistor, RC0603FR-07150RL, can be used in various electronic devices, such as consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, power supplies, and more. With its 1% tolerance, it offers a high level of precision in resistance.

Yageo is a reputable manufacturer of passive components, including resistors, capacitors, and inductors, and their products are often used in a wide range of electronic applications.

Should you need an alternative to this specific Yageo resistor, you could consider similar components from other manufacturers such as Panasonic, Vishay, KOA Speer, Bourns, or other reputable passive component suppliers. When choosing alternative components, it is important to ensure that the replacement component has the same or suitable electrical characteristics, size, and compatibility for your application.


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