PTS120615V050 Eaton PTC RESET FUSE 15V 500MA 1206


The PTS120615V050 is a PTC resettable fuse manufactured by Eaton. Here's a breakdown of its specifications:


  • Manufacturer: Eaton
  • Voltage Rating: 15V
  • Current Rating: 500mA
  • Package Size: 1206

PTC, which stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient, indicates that this is a resettable fuse. When there is an overcurrent condition, the resistance in the PTC fuse increases, limiting the current to protect the circuit. After the fault is removed and the PTC fuse cools down, its resistance decreases again, resetting the fuse for normal operation.

The 15V voltage rating indicates the maximum voltage that this PTC resettable fuse can safely handle before it triggers.

The 500mA current rating specifies the current level at which the fuse will trip when an overcurrent condition occurs, safeguarding the circuit from excessive current.

The package size being 1206 refers to the physical dimensions of the component, which is important for surface mount applications on circuit boards.

Overall, the PTS120615V050 PTC resettable fuse from Eaton is designed for applications requiring circuit protection against overcurrent events, providing a resettable solution for electronic circuits with a voltage rating of 15V and a current rating of 500mA in a 1206 package size.


PTS120615V050 PDF

The PTS120615V050 is a resettable PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) fuse manufactured by Eaton. Here are the main functions, application areas, and some alternative models to consider.

Main Functions: PTC resettable fuses like the PTS120615V050 offer overcurrent protection through a mechanism that increases resistance when an overcurrent condition occurs. This protects the circuit by limiting the current flow, and the fuse resets once the overcurrent condition is removed. The main functions include providing overcurrent protection, reusability, and automatic reset after the fault is cleared.

Application Areas: The PTS120615V050 is commonly used in electronic circuits, devices, and systems where overcurrent protection is crucial. Application areas for this type of PTC fuse include, but are not limited to:

  • Automotive electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Battery packs
  • LED lighting
  • Medical devices
  • Telecommunications equipment

Alternative Models: While Eaton's PTS120615V050 is a specific PTC resettable fuse, there are several alternative models offered by different manufacturers that serve similar functions. Some alternative models to consider might include:

  • Littelfuse's PolySwitch series
  • Bourns MF-MSMF series
  • Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 0ZCN series
  • TE Connectivity Raychem RXEF series

When selecting an alternative model, it's important to consider specific parameters such as hold current, trip current, voltage rating, and package size, to ensure compatibility and adequate protection for the targeted application.

When choosing an alternative model to the PTS120615V050, it's important to verify that the replacement provides similar current and voltage ratings, along with the appropriate package size, to suit the specific requirements of the application.