PT15NV15-103A2020-S Amphenol POT 10K OHM LINEAR


The part number PT15NV15-103A2020-S refers to a potentiometer, also known as a pot, manufactured by Amphenol. Here are the details for this particular potentiometer:


  • Manufacturer: Amphenol
  • Type: Potentiometer (Pot)
  • Resistance Value: 10,000 ohms (10KΩ)
  • Taper: Linear

Potentiometers are variable resistors commonly used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment, as control inputs for electronic devices, and in other applications where a variable resistor is required.

In the case of the PT15NV15-103A2020-S, the 10KΩ resistance value indicates that this potentiometer has a total resistance of 10,000 ohms. The linear taper implies that the resistance varies linearly with the rotation of the shaft.

Amphenol is a well-known manufacturer of electronic components, and their potentiometers are widely used in a variety of applications.

This potentiometer, with its 10K ohm linear taper, can be utilized in audio equipment, instrumentation, control systems, and many other applications where a variable resistor is necessary.

When integrating potentiometers such as the PT15NV15-103A2020-S into your projects, it's important to consider the physical form factor, mounting options, and any environmental or durability requirements pertinent to your specific application.


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