PS2802-1-A Renesas Electronics America OPTOISOLATOR 2.5KV DARL 4SOIC


The part number PS2802-1-A is an optoisolator manufactured by Renesas Electronics America. Here is what the specifications indicate:


  • Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics America
  • Type: Optoisolator
  • Isolation Voltage: 2.5 kV
  • Technology: Darlington Transistor Output
  • Package: 4-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit)

The PS2802-1-A optoisolator provides an isolation voltage of 2.5 kV, making it suitable for applications where electrical isolation between input and output circuits is necessary for safety or noise reduction.

The "Darlington transistor output" designation indicates that the optoisolator employs a Darlington transistor to drive the output signal. The Darlington configuration allows for higher current gain and is often used in applications requiring a high current gain and high input impedance.

The 4-SOIC package type signifies that the optoisolator is presented in a small outline integrated circuit package suitable for surface-mount applications.

Optoisolators are widely used in applications such as isolated power supplies, motor control, communication interfaces, and any systems where electrical isolation is essential to protect sensitive components from potentially harmful voltages or to prevent noise from affecting signal integrity.


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