IRFD024PBF Vishay Siliconix MOSFET N-CH 60V 2.5A 4DIP


The IRFD024PBF is an N-channel MOSFET manufactured by Vishay Siliconix. Here's a breakdown of this component:


  • Manufacturer: Vishay Siliconix
  • Part Number: IRFD024PBF
  • Type: MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor)
  • Channel Type: N-Channel (N-CH)
  • Voltage Rating: 60V (indicating its maximum rated voltage)
  • Current Rating: 2.5A (indicating its maximum continuous drain current)
  • Package: 4DIP (sometimes written as DIP-4, meaning Dual Inline Package with 4 leads)

The IRFD024PBF is designed for low-power to medium-power applications where efficient switching and control are required. Given its voltage and current ratings, it is suitable for various electronic applications, including small-signal switching in circuits and low-power applications where space efficiency is desired.


  1. Switching Circuits: This MOSFET is suitable for small-signal switching applications, such as those found in various digital and analog circuits.
  2. Voltage Regulation: It can be utilized in voltage regulation circuits, especially those with low to moderate power requirements.
  3. Small Load Switching: Given its rating, it can efficiently handle small loads and is suitable for low-power switching applications.

Package: The 4DIP package is a through-hole component, with four leads, and is typically used when a through-hole mounting style is preferred or required. Through-hole mounting provides a secure connection to a printed circuit board.

In summary, the IRFD024PBF is designed for low- to medium-power applications where efficient N-channel MOSFET switching and control are needed, and it is well-suited for small-signal switching applications and low-power circuit designs.