MAN6760 Display Modules: Datasheet, Function, Manufacturer


The MAN6760 is a 0.56-inch seven-segment LED display module manufactured by Vishay Semiconductor. It is commonly used to display numerical digits and characters in various electronic devices and applications. The MAN6760 features a compact design, high brightness for good visibility, and a through-hole package making it easy to mount on a PCB.

Key features of the MAN6760 display module include:

  • Compact 0.56-inch seven-segment display
  • High brightness for good visibility in various lighting conditions
  • Common cathode configuration
  • Through-hole package for easy mounting
  • Suitable for displaying numerals and characters in electronic devices such as clocks, meters, industrial control panels, and more.

MAN6760 Datasheet

Download MAN6760 Datasheet PDF.

As with any electronic component, it is important to refer to the datasheet and specifications provided by the manufacturer, Vishay Semiconductor in this case, for detailed technical information, pinout, electrical characteristics, and application guidelines specific to the MAN6760 display module.

MAN6760 Display Module:

Datasheet Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductor
  • Package: Through-Hole, 7-Segment Display
  • Datasheet: It's recommended to refer to the official datasheet provided by Vishay Semiconductor for detailed technical specifications, pinout, dimensions, and application guidelines specific to the MAN6760 display module.


  • LED Display: The MAN6760 is a 7-segment LED display module commonly used for numerical and character display applications.
  • High Brightness: Offers high brightness for improved visibility in various lighting conditions.
  • Compact Design: The module is designed to be compact, suitable for integration into different electronic devices and projects.


  • Vishay Semiconductor: A leading manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. Vishay's products are known for their quality and reliability in various industries.

MAN6760 Applications:

  • Consumer Electronics: Used in clocks, home appliances, audio equipment panels, etc.
  • Industrial Equipment: Find applications in machinery, control panels, and instrumentation.
  • Automotive Displays: Commonly integrated into car dashboards and indicator systems.
  • Signage and Advertising: Used in LED display boards for commercial purposes.
  • Measurement Devices: Employed in meters, scales, and other measurement instruments.
  • DIY Projects: Popular among hobbyists and makers for various electronic projects requiring alphanumeric displays.


Always consult the most recent datasheet from the manufacturer for accurate and up-to-date information on the MAN6760 display module, including electrical characteristics, recommended operating conditions, and application guidelines. Vishay Semiconductor's official website or authorized distributors can be excellent resources for obtaining the most current datasheets and technical information related to their display modules.