1N5817 Schottky Diode Datasheet, Equivalent, and Pinout


1N5817 Schottky Diode:

The 1N5817 is a Schottky diode known for its fast switching speed and low forward voltage drop. Here is the information you requested:

Datasheet Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Multiple manufacturers produce the 1N5817 Schottky diode.
  • Package: Axial Leaded, DO-41, SMB, SMC, etc.

For detailed technical specifications, characteristics, and application guidelines, it is recommended to refer to the specific datasheet provided by the manufacturer or available from electronics component distributors.

Equivalent Schottky Diodes:

  • 1N5818: Higher voltage rating version.
  • 1N5819: Even higher voltage rating version.
  • SB160: An alternative Schottky diode with similar characteristics.
  • SB3100: Another equivalent diode with higher voltage capabilities.

While these diodes may have slightly different specifications, they can often be used interchangeably in many applications.


The 1N5817 Schottky diode typically comes in a standard axial-lead package (DO-41) format with two leads. Here is a simplified representation of the pinout:

  • Anode (A): This is the positive terminal of the diode. Current flows from anode to cathode when the diode is forward-biased.
  • Cathode (K): This is the negative terminal of the diode. It is marked with a band near the cathode end, indicating the direction of current flow.

Key Specifications:

  • Forward Voltage Drop (VF): The forward voltage drop of the 1N5817 is typically low due to its Schottky design, which can be beneficial in many applications where efficiency is important.

  • Reverse Voltage (VR): The maximum reverse voltage the diode can withstand without breakdown.

  • Forward Current (IF): The maximum continuous forward current the diode can handle without damage.

  • DataSheet

    1N5817 PDF


Schottky diodes like the 1N5817 find applications in various electronic circuits:

  1. Rectification: Due to their low forward voltage drop, they are commonly used for rectification in power supply circuits.

  2. Switching Circuits: Their fast switching characteristics make them suitable for high-frequency switching applications.

  3. Reverse Polarity Protection: Used to protect circuits from damage due to reverse polarity connections.

  4. Voltage Clamping: Employed in voltage clamping circuits to limit voltage spikes.

  5. Power ORing: Used in power ORing circuits to combine power from multiple sources.


The 1N5817 Schottky diode is a versatile component with applications in power supplies, switching circuits, and protection circuits. Always refer to the datasheet for detailed specifications and guidelines when incorporating the 1N5817 or its equivalents in your electronic designs.