Op-Amp LM358P: Pinout, Circuits, and Datasheet


LM358P Operational Amplifier:

The LM358P is a dual operational amplifier IC manufactured by various semiconductor companies (e.g., Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics). It consists of two independent, high-gain, internally frequency-compensated operational amplifiers. Here are details on the LM358P:


The LM358P typically comes in an 8-pin DIP (Dual Inline Package) format. Each of the two op-amps within the IC has its own set of inputs and outputs. The pinout is as follows:

  • Pin 1 (Output 1): Output of Op-Amp 1
  • Pin 2 (Inverting Input 1): Inverting input of Op-Amp 1
  • Pin 3 (Non-Inverting Input 1): Non-inverting input of Op-Amp 1
  • Pin 4 (V-): Ground (Negative Power Supply Pin)
  • Pin 5 (Non-Inverting Input 2): Non-inverting input of Op-Amp 2
  • Pin 6 (Inverting Input 2): Inverting input of Op-Amp 2
  • Pin 7 (Output 2): Output of Op-Amp 2
  • Pin 8 (V+): Positive Power Supply Pin


Inverting Amplifier Circuit using LM358P:

A common circuit configuration using the LM358P is the inverting amplifier. Here's a basic schematic:

Plain TextCopy code
Vin ---/\/\---|---|-> Vout

Non-Inverting Amplifier Circuit:

Another common circuit is the non-inverting amplifier. Here's a basic schematic:

Plain TextCopy code
Vin ---/\/\--|+|-------|---|-> Vout
              |         |
              |         |
             ---       ---
              |         |
              |         |
             GND       Vin-



  • The datasheet for the LM358P operational amplifier can be found on various manufacturer websites or electronics component distributors.
  • The datasheet provides detailed information on the electrical characteristics, pin configurations, recommended operating conditions, application notes, and example circuits.


The LM358P operational amplifier has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Voltage amplification
  • Signal filtering
  • Signal conditioning
  • Comparator circuits
  • Active filters
  • Oscillator circuits
  • Inverting and non-inverting amplifiers
  • Voltage and current sensing circuits

When using the LM358P in a circuit, always refer to the datasheet for specific information regarding operating conditions, input/output characteristics, and circuit design considerations.