1N4148WT ON Semiconductor DIODE GEN PURP 75V 200MA SOD523F


The 1N4148WT is a general-purpose small-signal diode manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Here is an overview of the 1N4148WT diode:

1N4148WT Diode Overview:

  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
  • Part Number: 1N4148WT
  • Type: General-Purpose Small-Signal Diode
  • Package: SOD523F (Flat Lead SMD Package)
  • Voltage Rating: 75V
  • Current Rating: 200mA
  • DataSheet

    1N4148WT PDF

Key Features:

  • General-Purpose Diode: Suitable for a wide range of small-signal applications, including rectification, switching, and signal demodulation.
  • Voltage Rating: Can handle up to 75V in reverse bias.
  • Current Rating: Rated for a continuous forward current of up to 200mA.
  • Package Type: SOD523F is a compact surface-mount package with flat leads, ideal for space-constrained designs.


The 1N4148WT diode is commonly used in electronic circuits for various purposes, including:

  • Signal Clipping and Switching: Limiting signal amplitudes and facilitating fast switching transitions.
  • Rectification: Converting AC to DC in small-signal applications.
  • Voltage Regulation: Providing voltage stabilization in circuits.
  • Signal Demodulation: Extracting baseband signals from modulated carriers.
  • Protection Circuits: Overvoltage protection and reverse polarity protection.

Working Principle:

  • The 1N4148WT diode operates as a standard silicon small-signal diode, allowing current flow in the forward direction and blocking it in the reverse direction.
  • It can handle medium power levels and is suitable for applications requiring fast switching speeds.

Suggested Projects:

  • Audio Signal Processing: Clipping and shaping audio waveforms.
  • Instrumentation Circuits: Signal conditioning and amplification.
  • Logic Circuits: Building logic gates and simple digital circuits.
  • Sensor Interfaces: Signal conditioning for sensor readouts.
  • Power Supply Circuits: Providing rectification and regulation in low-power circuits.


  • Refer to the datasheet provided by ON Semiconductor for detailed specifications, performance graphs, and application notes specific to the 1N4148WT small-signal diode.
  • Ensure that the diode's voltage and current ratings align with the requirements of your circuit to ensure reliable operation.

The 1N4148WT small-signal diode from ON Semiconductor is a versatile component suited for many small-signal applications, offering a voltage rating of 75V, a current rating of 200mA, and a compact SOD523F package for space-efficient PCB layouts.