AQV254HAZ Panasonic SSR RELAY SPST-NO 150MA 0-400V


The AQV254HAZ is a Solid State Relay (SSR) manufactured by Panasonic. Here are the main specifications and details of this component:


  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Model: AQV254HAZ
  • Type: Solid State Relay (SSR)
  • Configuration: Single Pole, Single Throw Normally Open (SPST-NO)
  • Maximum Current Rating: 150mA
  • Maximum Voltage Rating: 400V
  • DataSheet


Key Features:

  1. Solid State Relay (SSR): SSRs are electronic switches that use semiconductor devices like thyristors or MOSFETs for switching applications instead of mechanical contacts.

  2. SPST-NO Configuration: This SSR is a Single Pole, Single Throw Normally Open configuration, meaning that in its default state, the relay does not allow current to flow through the circuit.

  3. Current and Voltage Ratings: The maximum current that can be switched by this SSR is 150mA, and it can handle voltages up to 400V.

Common Uses and Applications:

  • Industrial Automation: SSRs are commonly used in industrial control systems for switching AC or DC loads.

  • Electronic Equipment: Used in various electronic devices and appliances for power switching applications.

  • Biomedical Equipment: Found in medical devices for precise switching of electrical signals.

  • Lighting Systems: Utilized in lighting control applications for dimming or switching light fixtures.

Operation and Functionality:

  • Switching Operation: The SSR can be controlled by an external voltage signal to switch the connected circuit on or off.

  • No Mechanical Contacts: Since SSRs have no mechanical contacts, they provide silent and wear-free operation.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Current and Voltage Ratings: The 150mA current and 400V voltage ratings of the AQV254HAZ determine its capability to handle different types of loads.

  • Reliability: SSRs offer high reliability and longer lifespan compared to mechanical relays due to the absence of moving parts.

Interface and Connectivity:

  • Input Control Signal: SSRs like the AQV254HAZ typically require a control signal (often low voltage) to toggle the state of the relay.

  • Output Load Connection: The load to be controlled (e.g., a lamp, heater, motor) is connected to the output terminals of the SSR.

Application Examples:

  1. Industrial Control Systems: Used in motor control, heating elements, and other high-voltage applications.

  2. Home Automation: Integrated into smart home systems to control lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems.

  3. Medical Devices: Found in medical equipment where precise and reliable switching is required.

  4. Telecommunication Equipment: Employed in telecom systems for signal routing and switching.

Before integrating the AQV254HAZ SSR into your circuit design, refer to the datasheet provided by Panasonic for detailed technical specifications, operating characteristics, pin configurations, and guidelines for efficient and safe usage in your application.