AT25DF641-MWH-T Adesto Technologies IC FLASH 64MBIT SPI 100MHZ 8VDFN


The AT25DF641-MWH-T is a Flash memory Integrated Circuit (IC) manufactured by Adesto Technologies. Here are the main specifications and details of this component:


  • Manufacturer: Adesto Technologies
  • Model: AT25DF641-MWH-T
  • Type: Flash Memory
  • Capacity: 64 Mbit (8 MB)
  • Interface: Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Maximum Clock Speed: 100 MHz
  • Package: 8-VDFN (Very Thin Dual Flat No-lead)
  • DataSheet

    AT25DF641-MWH-T PDF

Key Features:

  1. Flash Memory: The AT25DF641-MWH-T is a Flash memory IC, which provides non-volatile storage capabilities.

  2. Capacity: This model has a memory capacity of 64 Mbit, which is equivalent to 8 Megabytes (MB) of storage space.

  3. Interface: It utilizes the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocol for communication, a common standard for interfacing with microcontrollers and other components.

  4. Clock Speed: The chip supports a maximum clock speed of 100 MHz, enabling high-speed data transfer between the IC and the controlling device.

Common Uses and Applications:

  • Firmware Storage: Used for storing firmware, bootloaders, configuration data, and other code in embedded systems.

  • Data Logging: Suitable for applications that involve data logging, event recording, and non-volatile data storage.

  • Program Code Storage: Flash memory often houses program instructions for microcontrollers and embedded systems.

  • System Configuration: Employed to store system configuration settings required during start-up.

Operation and Functionality:

  • Data Storage: Data can be written to and read from the Flash memory IC using the SPI interface, ensuring reliable and persistent data storage.

  • Non-Volatile Memory: Retains data even when power is removed, making it ideal for applications where persistent data storage is crucial.

Interface and Connectivity:

  • SPI Interface: The chip communicates with external devices using SPI signals, including clock, data in, data out, and chip select pins.

  • Hardware Connections: Additional control pins may include write enable, output enable, or other control signals as required.

Performance Characteristics:

  • High-Speed Operation: With a maximum clock speed of 100 MHz, the Flash memory chip supports fast data transfer rates.

  • Large Capacity: The 64 Mbit capacity provides ample storage space for various data storage requirements in embedded systems.

Application Examples:

  1. Embedded Systems: Integrated into a wide range of embedded systems, such as IoT devices, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics.

  2. Data Storage Devices: Used in applications like memory cards, USB drives, and solid-state storage devices for data storage.

  3. Network Devices: Deployed in networking equipment for firmware storage, configuration data, and program execution.

  4. Automotive Electronics: Utilized in automotive applications for storing firmware, data logging, and configuration data.

Data Security and Protection:

  • Some Flash memory chips offer security features, such as hardware write protection or encryption functionality, to secure stored data from unauthorized access or modifications.

Before integrating the AT25DF641-MWH-T Flash memory IC into your design, consult the datasheet provided by Adesto Technologies for detailed technical specifications, operational characteristics, pin configurations, timing requirements, and best practices for incorporating the Flash memory chip into your system design effectively.