AP2161WG-7 Diodes IC PWR SWITCH P-CHAN 1:1 SOT25


The AP2161WG-7 is a Power Switch IC produced by Diodes Incorporated. Here are the key specifications and details about this component:


  • Manufacturer: Diodes Incorporated
  • Model: AP2161WG-7
  • Type: Power Switch IC
  • Technology: P-Channel MOSFET
  • Configuration: 1:1
  • Package: SOT25
  • DataSheet

    AP2161WG-7 PDF

Key Features:

  1. Power Switch IC: This IC functions as a power switch in electronic circuits.

  2. Technology: It likely uses a P-Channel MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) as the primary switching component.

  3. Configuration: The 1:1 configuration might refer to a single channel switch setup.

  4. Package: The SOT25 package is a small surface-mount package with 5 pins.

Main Specifications and Usage:

  • P-Channel MOSFET: P-channel MOSFETs are commonly used to switch positive supply rails in circuits.

  • Switching Capability: The IC can switch power signals within the specified parameters.

  • Protection: It may include protection features like overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, etc.

Application Examples:

  • Power Management: Used for power distribution and management in various electronic devices.

  • Battery Protection: Often employed in battery management systems to control power flow.

  • Load Switching: Enables or disables power supply to specific loads in a circuit.

  • Voltage Regulation: Can be utilized for basic voltage regulation functions.

Working Principle:

  • The P-Channel MOSFET in the IC acts as a high-side switch, cutting off or allowing the flow of current based on the control signal.

Benefits and Considerations:

  • Efficiency: MOSFET-based switches offer low on-state resistance and high efficiency.

  • Space-saving: SOT25 package is compact, suitable for designs with limited space.

  • Versatility: Can be used in a wide range of applications requiring power switching functions.

Interface and Implementation:

  • Pin Configuration: The datasheet will detail the pin functions for proper connection in your circuit.

  • Control Signal: Provide the necessary control signal to switch the MOSFET on or off.

  • Load Connection: Connect the load to be controlled to the corresponding pins of the IC.

Before incorporating the AP2161WG-7 Power Switch IC into your circuit design, refer to the datasheet provided by Diodes Incorporated for comprehensive technical specifications, operational characteristics, pinouts, application guidelines, and best practices to ensure optimal performance and reliability in your specific application.