5352152-1 TE Connectivity AMP CONN RECEPT 120POS 2MM PRESS-FIT


The 5352152-1 connector from TE Connectivity AMP is described as follows:


  • Manufacturer: TE Connectivity AMP
  • Part Number: 5352152-1
  • Description: Connector, Receptacle
  • Number of Contacts: 120 positions
  • Pitch: 2mm (0.079")
  • Termination Type: Press-fit
  • DataSheet

    5352152-1 PDF

Key Specifications and Features:

  • Connector Type: This is a receptacle connector, meaning it is the female part of the connector used for receiving and making electrical connections.

  • Number of Positions: It has 120 positions, which signifies the number of contact points available in the connector for connecting wires or other components.

  • Pitch: The pitch of 2mm refers to the distance between the centers of adjacent contacts. This specification is crucial for ensuring compatibility with mating connectors or circuit board layouts.

  • Termination Type - Press-fit: The press-fit termination method involves pressing the connector leads into plated through-holes on the circuit board without requiring soldering. This can provide a reliable electrical and mechanical connection.

Common Uses:

  • Telecommunications: Connectors like these are commonly used in telecommunications equipment, data centers, and networking devices.

  • Industrial Applications: They often find application in industrial equipment, automation systems, and control panels.

  • Computer Systems: In computer systems, connectors of this type can be used for high-density board-to-board or board-to-cable connections.

  • Automotive Electronics: Automotive applications may also utilize connectors with features like high contact counts and reliable connections.

Additional Considerations:

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the connector is compatible with the mating connector or socket in your system.

  • Current and Voltage Ratings: Check the specifications to ensure that the connector can handle the required current and voltage levels.

  • Environmental Considerations: Depending on the application, factors like temperature range, vibration resistance, and environmental sealing may be important.


When using a press-fit connector like this, ensure proper equipment and techniques are used to press the connector leads into the designated through-holes on the PCB. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation to ensure a secure and reliable connection.

For specific electrical characteristics, mating instructions, and further technical details, refer to the datasheet provided by TE Connectivity AMP for the 5352152-1 connector.