5352068-1 TE Connectivity AMP CONN RECEPT 110POS 2MM PRESS-FIT


The 5352068-1 connector from TE Connectivity AMP is characterized by the following specifications:


  • Manufacturer: TE Connectivity AMP
  • Part Number: 5352068-1
  • Description: Connector, Receptacle
  • Number of Contacts: 110 positions
  • Pitch: 2mm (0.079 inches)
  • Termination Type: Press-fit
  • DataSheet

    5352068-1 PDF

Key Features:

  • Connector Type: This is a receptacle connector, which typically refers to the female connector that receives a mating plug or header.

  • Number of Positions: The connector has 110 positions, which indicates the number of contact points available for making electrical connections.

  • Pitch: The 2mm pitch specifies the distance between the centers of adjacent contacts. It is crucial for ensuring compatibility with mating connectors and circuit board layouts.

  • Termination Type - Press-fit: The press-fit termination method involves pressing the connector leads into plated through-holes on the circuit board without soldering. This can provide a reliable electrical and mechanical connection.

  • Application Specific Design: This connector is designed for specialized applications where high-density connections are required, such as telecommunications, data centers, or other industrial applications.

Common Applications:

  • Telecommunications: Connectors like these are frequently used in telecommunications infrastructure, networking equipment, and data centers.

  • Industrial Equipment: They can find use in various industrial applications for connecting subsystems and components.

  • High-Density Applications: Due to the high number of positions and 2mm pitch, these connectors are suitable for high-density board-to-board or board-to-cable connections.

  • Robotics and Automation: These connectors can be seen in robotics, automation systems, and control panels for signal and power connections.

Additional Considerations:

  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with the mating connector or receptacle to guarantee proper electrical connections.

  • Current and Voltage Ratings: Verify that the connector meets the required current and voltage specifications for the intended application.

  • Environmental Factors: Consider environmental conditions such as temperature ranges, vibration resistance, and the need for environmental sealing based on the application's requirements.


During installation, make sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines carefully, especially when using press-fit connectors. Proper equipment and techniques are essential for securely and reliably pressing the connector leads into the designated plated through-holes on the PCB. Refer to the datasheet provided by TE Connectivity AMP for detailed technical information on the 5352068-1 connector.