2N3819 N-Channel JFET:Overview, Features, and Applications


2N3819 N-Channel JFET:

The 2N3819 is an N-Channel JFET (Junction Field-Effect Transistor) that belongs to the class of discrete semiconductor devices. Here is an overview of the 2N3819, its features, and common applications:


  • Type: N-Channel JFET
  • Polarity: N-Channel (N-Type)
  • Package: TO-92


  1. Low Noise: JFETs like the 2N3819 are known for their low noise characteristics, making them suitable for applications where signal fidelity is crucial.

  2. High Input Impedance: N-Channel JFETs typically have high input impedance, making them useful in impedance matching and amplifier circuits.

  3. Voltage-Controlled Device: The 2N3819 can be used as a voltage-controlled resistor or amplifier, where the input voltage controls the output current.

  4. Simple Biasing: Simplified biasing requirements make it easier to incorporate the 2N3819 in various circuit designs.

  5. Linear Operation: The JFET operates in the linear region for a wide range of input voltages, allowing for more linear amplification characteristics.

  6. Wide Dynamic Range: Offers a wide dynamic range of operation, suitable for applications with varying signal levels.

2N3819 Datasheet

Download 2N3819 Datasheet PDF.


  1. Audio Amplifiers: N-Channel JFETs like the 2N3819 are commonly used in audio amplifier circuits due to their low noise and high input impedance characteristics.

  2. Signal Processing: They find applications in various analog signal processing circuits, such as filters and impedance converters.

  3. Voltage-Controlled Resistors: JFETs can be used as voltage-controlled resistors in applications like variable gain amplifiers and voltage-controlled filters.

  4. Voltage Regulators: Utilized in voltage regulators and voltage-controlled devices.

  5. Oscillators: N-Channel JFETs can be used in oscillator circuits for signal generation in radio frequency applications.

  6. Switching Circuits: They can be employed in switching circuits due to their high input impedance and simple biasing requirements.

  7. Sensor Interfaces: Used in sensor interface circuits where high input impedance and low noise are essential.

  8. Low-Level Signal Amplification: Suitable for amplifying low-level signals in instrumentation and measurement applications.


The 2N3819 N-Channel JFET is a versatile component with various applications in analog signal processing, voltage-controlled devices, amplification, and more. Its inherent characteristics, such as low noise, high input impedance, and linear operation, make it a valuable component in many electronic circuits. By understanding its features and applications, engineers and hobbyists can effectively utilize the 2N3819 in their designs to achieve desired functionality and performance.