V28C12T100BL Vicor DC DC CONVERTER 12V 100W


The V28C12T100BL is a DC-DC converter module manufactured by Vicor Corporation. Here is a breakdown of the details provided in the part number:


  • Manufacturer: Vicor Corporation
  • Part Number: V28C12T100BL
  • Type: DC-DC Converter
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Power Rating: 100W
  • DataSheet

    V28C12T100BL PDF

Key Features and Information:

  • Converter Type: The V28C12T100BL is a regulated DC-DC converter designed to convert an input voltage to a stable 12V output voltage.
  • Output Power: It has a power rating of 100W, which signifies the maximum power it can deliver at the specified output voltage.
  • Efficiency: Vicor's converters often tout high efficiency levels, ensuring minimal power loss during the conversion process.
  • Module Design: Being a module, it typically comes in a compact, enclosed package, simplifying integration into electronic systems.
  • Applications: Such DC-DC converters are commonly used in various applications requiring regulated power sources, including telecommunications equipment, industrial devices, test and measurement instruments, and more.


Manufacturer: Vicor Corporation:

  • Vicor is known for its high-performance power conversion components and systems. Their products are often used in demanding applications where reliability, efficiency, and compactness are crucial factors.

For detailed specifications, application notes, and guidelines for using the V28C12T100BL DC-DC converter, it is recommended to consult the official datasheet provided by Vicor Corporation or reach out to their technical support for specific inquiries or application requirements.