The TDA8356 is an integrated circuit (IC) developed by NXP Semiconductors. It is specifically designed for DC-coupled vertical deflection in CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) television applications. Below is a detailed introduction to the TDA8356:


TDA8356 by NXP Semiconductors


  • Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors
  • Part Number: TDA8356
  • Type: IC for DC-Coupled Vertical Deflection
  • Package: 9-SIL (Single In-Line Package with 9 pins)

Key Features:

  • Vertical Deflection: Specifically designed for vertical deflection tasks in CRT television sets.
  • DC-Coupled Operation: Supports DC-coupled operation for vertical deflection applications.
  • Integrated Functionality: Combines multiple functions related to vertical deflection in a single IC.
  • Efficiency: Provides efficient vertical deflection performance for TV displays.
  • Reliability: Manufactured by NXP, known for quality semiconductor products.
  • DataSheet

    TDA8356/N6,112 PDF

Features and Applications:

  • Vertical Deflection Control: Controls and drives the vertical deflection coil in a CRT TV.
  • DC-Coupled Operation: Enables direct coupling for vertical deflection tasks.
  • Vertical Synchronization: Synchronizes the vertical scanning of the CRT display.
  • Linearity Control: Ensures accurate vertical scanning linearity on the screen.
  • CRT Television Applications: Specifically designed for use in CRT television sets.

Package Information:

  • 9-SIL Package: Single In-Line Package with 9 pins, commonly used for through-hole mounting.


  • CRT Television Sets: Used in CRT TVs for vertical deflection tasks.
  • Older Electronics: Suitable for repairing or maintaining older CRT-based electronics.
  • Retro Gaming Consoles: Can be used in retro gaming consoles and arcade machines with CRT displays.
  • Test Equipment: Utilized in certain types of test equipment with CRT displays.
  • Vertical Deflection Circuits: Integrated into circuits requiring DC-coupled vertical deflection control.


  • Specialized Functionality: Tailored specifically for vertical deflection in CRT displays.
  • Integrated Design: Combines multiple functions into a single IC, reducing external components.
  • Reliability: Manufactured by NXP Semiconductors with a reputation for quality and reliability.
  • Ease of Integration: Simplifies the design and implementation of vertical deflection circuits.
  • Efficiency: Provides efficient vertical deflection performance for CRT displays.

The TDA8356 IC by NXP Semiconductors is a specialized component for DC-coupled vertical deflection tasks in CRT television applications. Its integrated design, efficiency, and reliability make it a suitable choice for CRT TV repairs, maintenance, and certain retro electronics projects that require vertical deflection control. For detailed technical specifications, circuit design guidelines, and usage recommendations, refer to the datasheet provided by NXP Semiconductors for the TDA8356 IC.