The ADMV4420ACPZ is a radio frequency (RF) integrated circuit developed by Analog Devices. It is designed as a K-band receiver (RX) with an integrated Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) for frequency synthesis and control. Below is a detailed introduction to the ADMV4420ACPZ:


ADMV4420ACPZ by Analog Devices


  • Manufacturer: Analog Devices
  • Part Number: ADMV4420ACPZ
  • Type: K-Band Receiver (RX) with PLL
  • Package: The specific package information may be further delineated in the datasheet.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Range: Operating in the K-band frequency range, typically centered around 18-27 GHz.
  • Receiver Functionality: Designed as a complete receiver system for RF signal reception.
  • Integrated PLL: Contains a Phase-Locked Loop for frequency synthesis and control.
  • High Integration: Combines multiple functions in a single IC for simplified RF system design.
  • High Performance: Delivers high-quality RF signal processing and reliable PLL operation.
  • DataSheet


Features and Applications:

  • RF Reception: Capable of receiving K-band RF signals for various applications.
  • PLL Control: Provides stable and accurate frequency synthesis through the integrated PLL.
  • Wireless Communication: Suitable for use in wireless communication systems operating in the K-band.
  • Radar Systems: Used in radar applications that require K-band signal reception and frequency control.
  • Millimeter-Wave Systems: Ideal for millimeter-wave systems requiring high-frequency signal processing.

Package Information:

  • Package Type: The specific package type details can be found in the technical datasheet.
  • Mounting: Typically surface-mount device (SMD) format for easy integration onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).


  • Wireless Infrastructure: Deployed in wireless base stations, backhaul systems, and similar infrastructure.
  • Telecommunications: Used in microwave communication links and radio systems.
  • Automotive Radar: Implemented in automotive radar systems for collision detection and autonomous driving.
  • Military and Defense: Utilized in defense applications such as radar systems and electronic warfare.
  • Test and Measurement: Employed in RF test equipment for signal analysis and measurement.


  • Single-Chip Solution: Integrates receiver and PLL functions in a single IC, reducing external components.
  • High Performance: Provides reliable RF signal reception and stable frequency control.
  • System Simplification: Simplifies RF system design with integrated functionality.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a range of applications in the K-band frequency range.
  • Analog Devices Quality: Known for high-quality RF and analog products.

The ADMV4420ACPZ by Analog Devices is a specialized K-band receiver with an integrated Phase-Locked Loop, offering high-performance RF reception capabilities and stable frequency control. This IC is designed for applications requiring K-band signal reception, such as wireless communication, radar systems, millimeter-wave applications, and more. For comprehensive technical specifications, application notes, and circuit design guidelines, it is advisable to refer to the datasheet provided by Analog Devices for the ADMV4420ACPZ IC.