Sumida Corporation CDRH6D38NP-220NC DataSheet FIXED IND 22UH 1.3A 96 MOHM SMD


The part number CDRH6D38NP-220NC designates a surface mount fixed inductor manufactured by Sumida Corporation. Here are the details about this specific inductor:


  • Manufacturer: Sumida Corporation
  • Type: FIXED IND (Fixed Inductor)
  • Inductance: 22 µH (microhenries)
  • Current Rating: 1.3A (Amperes)
  • DC Resistance: 96 mOhms (milliohms)
  • Package: SMD (Surface Mount Device)

This fixed inductor with an inductance of 22 µH is designed to store energy in a magnetic field when current passes through it. The 1.3A rating specifies the maximum continuous current that the inductor can handle without exceeding its temperature and performance limits.

The DC resistance of 96 mOhms represents the resistance to the flow of direct current through the inductor. This resistance is an important factor in determining the overall impedance and power dissipation of the inductor within a circuit.

Given that it is a surface mount device (SMD), it is suitable for use on printed circuit boards and in various electronic applications, such as in power supplies, DC-DC converters, voltage regulation, and filtering circuits.