RK73B2BTTD106J KOA DataSheet RES 10M OHM 5% 1/4W 1206


The part number RK73B2BTTD106J corresponds to a surface mount resistor manufactured by KOA. Here's a breakdown of the details for this resistor:


  • Manufacturer: KOA
  • Type: RES (Resistor)
  • Resistance Value: 10 Megaohms (10MΩ)
  • Tolerance: 5%
  • Power Rating: 1/4W
  • Package/Case: 1206 (imperial) or 3216 metric

A 10 Megaohm (10MΩ) resistance value signifies that this resistor is designed to impede the flow of current in a circuit, offering high resistance. The 5% tolerance indicates that the actual resistance of the resistor may vary by up to 5% from the stated 10MΩ value.

The power rating of 1/4W (0.25 watts) denotes the maximum power the resistor can dissipate without being damaged. It is essential to ensure the power dissipated by the resistor does not exceed this rating in typical usage scenarios.

The package size, denoted as 1206 or 3216 in metric dimensions, indicates the physical dimensions of the resistor. This size specification is vital for its integration onto a printed circuit board or within electronic devices.

In summary, the RK73B2BTTD106J resistor from KOA is intended for use in various electronic applications, where a high 10 Megaohm resistance, a 5% tolerance, and a 1/4W power rating are required.