STM8S005K6T6C Microcontroller: Features, Applications and Datasheet


The STM8S005K6T6C is a member of the STM8 family of microcontrollers. It is notable for its high performance, low power consumption, and integrated peripherals. Here's a general overview of its features, potential applications, and where to find its datasheet:



  1. Core:

    • 8-bit core
    • Max freq: 16 MHz
    • 16K Program Memory
  2. Peripherals:

    • Timers
    • UART
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • ADC
  3. Power Consumption:

    • Low Power Mode
    • Wide operating voltage range
  4. I/O and Connectivity:

    • GPIO Pins
    • Various communication interfaces
  5. Package:

    • Various packages are available
  6. Operating Temperature and Voltage:

    • Wide operating temperature
    • Wide supply voltage range
  7. Development Tools:

    • The STM8S family is supported by an integrated development environment (IDE) and a range of development tools from STMicroelectronics.


Potential Applications:

  1. Consumer Electronics:

    • Remote controls
    • Small appliances
    • Gaming devices
  2. Industrial Control:

    • Sensors
    • Control systems
    • Automation
  3. Automotive:

    • Dashboard instruments
    • Control systems
  4. Communications:

    • Modems
    • Routers
    • Gateways
  5. General Embedded Systems:

    • Any application requiring a low-power, high-performance 8-bit microcontroller


STM8S005K6T6C Datasheet PDF

Download datasheets and manufacturer documentation for STMicroelectronics STM8S005K6T6C.

The datasheet for the STM8S005K6T6C microcontroller can be obtained directly from STMicroelectronics' website, or from their distributors. It contains detailed information about the electrical characteristics, memory, peripherals, and package information, among other details. You can go to the STMicroelectronics website, navigate to the STM8S005K6T6C product page, and find the resources section where you should be able to download the datasheet. If you face any issues finding this information, contacting their customer support might be helpful as well.