PCA9306DCTR Translator: Features, Applications and Datasheet


The PCA9306DCTR is a dual bidirectional I2C-bus and SMBus voltage-level translator with an enable function, which allows voltage-level translation in two different voltage domains. Here's an overview of its features, potential applications, and information regarding the datasheet:



  1. Dual Bidirectional Voltage Translation:

    • Allows bidirectional voltage-level translation between two levels
    • Supports a wide range of input and output voltage levels
  2. Enable Function:

    • The device includes an enable (EN) input pin, which can be used to put the device in shutdown mode for power savings.
  3. Small Package:

    • The PCA9306DCTR is typically available in a small space-saving package, making it suitable for compact designs.
  4. Low Standby Current:

    • It has a low standby current, making it suitable for power-conscious designs.
  5. I2C and SMBus Compatible:

    • The device is designed to be compatible with both I2C and SMBus protocols.
  6. Bidirectional Communication:

    • Supports communication in both directions, enabling two-way data transfer.


Potential Applications:

  1. Mixed Voltage Systems:

    • Many modern systems use components operating at different voltage levels. The PCA9306DCTR can be used to facilitate communication between such components.
  2. Embedded Systems:

    • Widely used in various microcontroller and microprocessor-based systems where components operate at different voltage levels.
  3. I2C/SMBus Communication:

    • Used in systems where devices operating at different voltage levels need to communicate over the I2C or SMBus interfaces.
  4. Battery-Powered Devices:

    • Suitable for portable or battery-powered devices due to its low standby current and power-saving features.
  5. Industrial Control Systems:

    • Often utilized in industrial control systems where different sensors and actuators operate at different voltage levels.
  6. Consumer Electronics:

    • Application in various consumer electronics devices with mixed-voltage interfaces.


The datasheet for the PCA9306DCTR voltage translator can typically be found on the manufacturer's website. This datasheet contains detailed technical information, electrical characteristics, pin configurations, and application guidelines.

To obtain the datasheet, you can visit the website of the manufacturer, such as Texas Instruments, and search for the PCA9306DCTR. Typically, the website will have a "Datasheet" section where you can download the datasheet. If you face any issues, reaching out to the manufacturer's support or customer service can also help in obtaining the datasheet.