NX-ECC203 Omron Automation NX I/O ECAT CPLER 10A 125US


The NX-ECC203 from Omron Automation is an EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) Coupler utilized in the NX I/O system. Here are the key specifications and details about this component:


Key Features:

  1. EtherCAT Coupler: The NX-ECC203 is designed to interface NX I/O slices/modules with the EtherCAT fieldbus network, facilitating real-time industrial automation communication.

  2. Current Rating (10A): The coupler supports a maximum current of 10 Amperes, which is suitable for various industrial applications, especially for powering and controlling devices.

  3. Cycle Time (125µs): The 125µs cycle time indicates the speed at which data can be exchanged between the NX I/O system and the EtherCAT network, ensuring rapid response times in control applications.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • EtherCAT Interface: Enables high-speed communication between the I/O modules and the control system, supporting real-time distributed control applications.

  • 10A Rating: With a 10A current rating, the coupler can handle moderate to high current loads for driving actuators, motors, and other devices.

  • Fast Cycle Time: The 125µs cycle time ensures tight synchronization and efficient data exchange between the I/O system and the control network.

  • Compatibility: The NX-ECC203 is part of Omron's NX-series I/O platform, known for its flexibility, scalability, and advanced features in industrial automation.


  • Industrial Automation: Used in various industrial automation applications for machine control, motion control, and process automation.

  • Robotics: Integrated into robotic systems for coordinating sensor inputs, motor control, and other automation tasks.

  • Packaging and Material Handling: Ideal for applications in the packaging industry, material handling systems, and conveyor control.

  • Control Systems: Deployed in control systems requiring high-speed and reliable communication for precise control and monitoring.


  • Configuration: Configure the EtherCAT coupler based on the specific I/O modules and devices connected to the system.

  • Network Integration: Integrate the NX-ECC203 into the EtherCAT network architecture, following the network setup guidelines.

  • System Testing: Conduct thorough testing to ensure proper communication, synchronization, and operation of the I/O modules with the control system.

Before deploying the NX-ECC203 EtherCAT coupler in your industrial automation system, refer to Omron's documentation, user manuals, and technical resources to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance within your control environment.