FI-RE31S-HF-R1500 JAE Electronics CONN RCPT 31P 0.02 GOLD SMD R/A


The FI-RE31S-HF-R1500 is a connector manufactured by JAE Electronics. Here are the specifications for this component:


  • Type: Connector, Receptacle
  • Style: Board to Board
  • Number of Positions: 31
  • Contact Plating: 0.02µm Gold
  • Termination: Surface Mount (SMD)
  • Orientation: Right Angle (R/A)
  • Datasheet: FI-RE31S-HF-R1500 PDF


This connector is designed for use in creating an electrical connection between two printed circuit boards (PCBs), allowing for a secure and reliable connection.


The FI-RE31S-HF-R1500 may be used in various electronics applications for connecting PCBs, such as in telecommunications equipment, computer systems, industrial machinery, and automotive electronics. The gold plating helps ensure good conductivity and corrosion resistance in the contacts.

Due to its surface mount orientation and right-angle design, it is suitable for applications where space or board orientation is a consideration. Always refer to the component datasheet and relevant design guidelines when incorporating this connector into your specific application.