FH28-40S-0.5SH Hirose CONN FFC BOTTOM 40POS 0.50MM R/A


The FH28-40S-0.5SH is a connector manufactured by Hirose Electric. Here are the specifications for this component:


  • Type: Connector, FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) / FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)
  • Style: Board to Cable
  • Number of Positions: 40
  • Pitch: 0.50mm
  • Termination: Right Angle (R/A)
  • Mounting Type: Surface Mount (SMD)
  • Datasheet: FH28-40S-0.5SH(10) PDF


This connector is designed for use in making a connection between a flexible flat cable (FFC) or a flexible printed circuit (FPC) and a board, providing a secure and reliable electrical connection.


The FH28-40S-0.5SH is used in various electronics applications, especially those requiring a connection to a flat, flexible cable or printed circuit. The 0.50mm pitch indicates that it is suitable for smaller, more compact devices where space is limited. The right-angle, surface mount (SMD) design makes it suitable for applications where the connector needs to be mounted perpendicular to the PCB.

These types of connectors are commonly used in applications such as portable electronics, laptops, flat-panel displays, and various other electronic devices that require a compact, reliable, and low-profile connection to a flexible cable or circuit.

Always refer to the component datasheet and relevant design guidelines when incorporating this connector into your specific application to ensure compatibility and proper usage.