The CR1620 is a lithium coin cell battery commonly used in a variety of small electronic devices. Here is a detailed introduction to the CR1620 battery:


CR1620 Lithium Coin Cell Battery


  • Manufacturer: TOKO
  • Battery Type: Lithium Coin Cell
  • Model: CR1620
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Size: 16mm diameter

Key Features:

  • Lithium Technology: Provides a stable 3V power supply over the battery's lifetime.
  • Coin Cell Design: Flat, round cell shape suitable for compact devices.
  • Compact Size: 16mm in diameter and thin, making it ideal for small electronics.
  • Long Shelf Life: Lithium batteries typically have a long shelf life when stored properly.
  • Low Self-Discharge Rate: Retains power when not in use, suitable for devices with low power consumption.
  • DataSheet

    CR1620 PDF

Features and Applications:

  • Small Electronics: Used in various small electronic devices like watches, calculators, remote controls, etc.
  • Memory Backup: Commonly employed in devices requiring memory backup, such as CMOS batteries in computers.
  • Key Fobs: Powering keyless entry fobs for cars or remote controls.
  • Wearables: Suitable for small wearable devices due to its compact size and stable voltage output.
  • Medical Devices: Used in certain medical devices and devices for measuring instruments.
  • Security Devices: Found in some security devices like key fobs and security tokens.


  • Reliable Power Source: Provides stable 3V output for devices.
  • Compact Design: Fits well in small devices that require a thin power source.
  • Long Shelf Life: Lithium batteries can be stored for a long time before use.
  • Low Self-Discharge: Holds power for extended periods when not in use.
  • Widespread Use: Commonly used in various consumer electronics and small devices.


  • Watches: Powering the timekeeping function in analog and digital watches.
  • Calculators: Providing power to hand-held calculators and other portable devices.
  • Key Fobs: Used in remote keyless entry systems for cars and other vehicles.
  • Smart Devices: Powering various small smart devices and wearables.
  • Memory Backup: Preserving settings and data in devices with non-volatile memory.
  • Health and Fitness Trackers: Powering sensors and data logging in wearable health devices.

The CR1620 Lithium Coin Cell Battery by TOKO is a reliable power source commonly used in small electronic devices due to its stable 3V output, compact size, long shelf life, and low self-discharge rate. Widely employed in watches, calculators, remote controls, key fobs, medical devices, and other small electronics, the CR1620 provides a dependable power solution for various applications that require a thin, long-lasting power source.