CR123 vs. CR123A Batteries: How to Choose the Better One?


When deciding between CR123 and CR123A batteries, there are a few key points to consider in order to select the better option based on your specific requirements.

CR123 vs. CR123A Batteries

CR123 Batteries

Chemistry: Lithium Voltage: 3 volts Capacity: Typically higher capacity

CR123A Batteries

Chemistry: Lithium Voltage: 3 volts Capacity: Typically lower capacity, but still high for a compact-sized battery

CR123 vs. CR123A Batteries

How to Choose:

  1. Capacity Needs: If you require higher capacity (mAh) in a single battery, the CR123 variant might be suitable, as it generally offers greater capacity compared to the CR123A. In applications requiring longer continuous use or where battery replacement is less convenient, higher capacity can be advantageous.

  2. Compatibility: Despite some minor differences in dimensions, CR123 and CR123A are largely interchangeable in most devices. However, some devices might be specifically designed for one type over the other due to slight variations in size, so it's important to check your device's manual for the recommended battery type.

  3. Cost Consideration: CR123 is sometimes known to be more expensive than CR123A. If cost is a major concern and you don't require the higher capacity of the CR123, the CR123A might be the more economical choice.

  4. Availability: Depending on your location and the specific stores you have access to, one type might be more readily available than the other. Consider the availability of each type of battery in your area and whether it’s a concern for your needs.

  5. Environmental Impact: Considering the environmental impact of the batteries you choose is important. If you aim to minimize waste, considering rechargeable alternatives or selecting a lower capacity option might be more environmentally friendly.

  6. Device Manufacturer Recommendations: If you're using the batteries for a specific device, manufacturers often specify which type to use. Adhering to these recommendations can often ensure optimal performance and safety for your device.

  7. Usage Considerations: If you need the batteries for high-drain devices or for outdoor activities, ensuring sufficient capacity and shelf life is crucial. In such cases, the CR123 with its typically higher capacity might be the preferred choice.

CR123 vs. CR123A Batteries

In summary, the choice between CR123 and CR123A batteries predominantly depends on the specific requirements of your devices and applications. If higher capacity is a significant factor and cost is not a major concern, CR123 batteries might be the better option. However, generally, CR123A batteries are more widely available, cost-effective, and suitable for a broad range of applications. Always consult your device's manual or the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the most appropriate battery selection.