BSS138P,215: Overview, Features, and Applications


The BSS138P,215 is an N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor (FET) with a variety of features suitable for low-voltage, moderate-speed switching applications. This semiconductor is designed and manufactured by Nexperia.


  • Type: N-channel Enhancement Mode Field-Effect Transistor (FET)
  • Package: SOT-23
  • Manufacturer: Nexperia
  • Polarity: Unipolar, allowing current flow in one direction, with control over the gate-to-source voltage.



  1. Enhancement Mode: Operates in the enhancement mode, necessitating a positive voltage on the gate concerning the source to allow current flow between the drain and source terminals.
  2. Low Threshold Voltage: Characterized by a low threshold voltage, making it easily activated by low gate-to-source voltage, which is advantageous for low-power applications.
  3. High Speed Switching: Features fast switching characteristics, suitable for moderate-speed applications.
  4. SOT-23 Package: The SOT-23 package provides a compact profile, making it suitable for installations where space is limited.
  5. Low Input and Output Capacitance: This feature allows for efficient integration in high-frequency applications and minimizes the capacitive loading of driving circuits.
  6. Moderate Voltage and Current Handling Capacity: While not designed for high-power applications, its specifications make it suitable for moderate voltage and current applications.


  1. Signal Switching: Widely used in electronic systems for signal switching due to its low power requirements and compact size.
  2. Level Shifting: It is suitable for level-shifting applications, facilitating interfacing between different voltage domains.
  3. Load Switching: Employed as a switch to manage power supply to various sub-circuits, especially in battery-operated systems, promoting efficient power management.
  4. Signal Amplification: Used for signal amplification in low-power and moderate-frequency applications, leveraging its FET properties.
  5. Oscillator Circuits: Utilized in oscillator and waveform generation circuits, particularly in low-power or small-scale integrated systems, where efficient power utilization is crucial.
  6. Voltage Regulation: It can be utilized in voltage regulator circuits, particularly in low-power applications where low threshold voltage and compact form factor are advantageous.

The BSS138P,215 FET is suitable for various digital and analog applications, especially in portable devices and systems where space and power efficiency are essential considerations.