The CD4015 is a CMOS dual 4-stage static shift register integrated circuit (IC) produced by Texas Instruments. Below is a detailed introduction to the CD4015 IC:


CD4015 Dual Static Shift Register by Texas Instruments


  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • Part Number: CD4015
  • Type: Dual 4-Stage Static Shift Register
  • Package: 16-DIP (Dual In-Line Package with 16 pins)

Key Features:

  • Dual Shift Registers: Contains two independent 4-stage static shift registers in a single IC.
  • Static Operation: Shift register configuration allows for serial data storage and manipulation.
  • CMOS Technology: Utilizes CMOS technology for low power consumption and wide voltage operation.
  • Parallel Input/Output: Supports parallel data input and output for efficient data transfer.
  • Clock Input: Clock input for controlling the shifting of data within the registers.
  • Reset Function: Reset input for clearing the register contents.
  • DataSheet

    CD4015BE PDF

Features and Applications:

  • Data Storage: Stores data serially in the shift registers for temporary storage or data manipulation.
  • Sequential Logic: Utilized in sequential logic circuits for shifting and storing data.
  • Signal Delay: Used for creating signal delays and timing sequences in digital circuits.
  • Data Pattern Generation: Can be employed in generating specific data patterns or sequences.
  • Educational Purposes: Useful for teaching shift register concepts and digital logic principles.

Package Information:

  • Package Type: 16-DIP (Dual In-Line Package) with 16 pins for through-hole mounting on PCBs.
  • Mounting: Through-hole package suitable for soldering onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).


  • Digital Systems: Integrated into digital systems for data storage, manipulation, and control.
  • Timing Circuits: Used in timing circuits for creating delays and sequencing operations.
  • LED Displays: Suitable for driving LED displays and creating visual patterns.
  • Counter Circuits: Employed in counter circuits for counting and controlling events.
  • Clock Division: Used in clock division circuits for generating various clock frequencies.


  • Dual Functionality: Two independent shift registers in a single package for enhanced flexibility.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various digital logic applications requiring data shifting and storage.
  • Low Power Consumption: CMOS technology offers energy-efficient operation.
  • Ease of Integration: Standard 16-pin DIP package for easy integration into digital designs.
  • Reliability: Provides reliable data storage and manipulation functions.

The CD4015 dual static shift register IC by Texas Instruments is a versatile component for data storage, manipulation, and shifting applications in digital circuits. With two independent 4-stage shift registers, CMOS technology, and a range of applications in sequential logic, signal delay, data pattern generation, and more, the CD4015 offers a reliable solution for various digital system designs. It is commonly used in educational settings as well for teaching shift register concepts and digital logic principles.