CB3LV-3I-50M000000 CTS Corporation XTAL OSC XO 50.0000MHZ HCMOS TTL


The CB3LV-3I-50M000000 is a crystal oscillator (XTAL OSC) produced by CTS Corporation with the following specifications:


  • Type: Crystal Oscillator
  • Frequency: 50.0000 MHz (Megahertz)
  • Output: HCMOS (High-Speed CMOS), TTL compatible
  • Manufacturer: CTS Corporation
  • Model: CB3LV-3I-50M000000
  • DataSheet CB3LV-3I-50M000000 PDF

Key Features:

  1. Frequency (50.0000 MHz): The crystal oscillator generates a stable clock signal at a frequency of 50.0000 MHz, which is commonly used as a clock source in various digital systems and applications.

  2. Output Type (HCMOS, TTL): The oscillator provides HCMOS output, which is High-Speed Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor technology. It is also TTL compatible, suitable for interfacing with TTL logic levels.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Applications: Crystal oscillators are utilized in numerous electronic devices and circuits where a precise and stable clock signal is required for synchronization and timing purposes.

  • Frequency Stability: Crystal oscillators offer higher frequency stability compared to other types of oscillators, making them ideal for applications requiring precise timekeeping or data transfer rates.

  • HCMOS Output: HCMOS technology provides high-speed, CMOS-compatible output signals suitable for interfacing with a wide range of digital devices and microcontrollers.

  • TTL Compatibility: Being TTL compatible allows seamless integration with digital circuits using TTL logic levels.

Working Principle:

Crystal oscillators work based on the piezoelectric effect of a quartz crystal. The crystal vibrates at a specific frequency when an electric field is applied across it. This vibration generates a stable clock signal that can be used as a timing reference in various electronic systems.

In this specific crystal oscillator, the 50.0000 MHz frequency, HCMOS output, and TTL compatibility make it versatile for applications such as microcontrollers, data communication systems, digital signal processing, and other electronic devices requiring precise timing and clock signals.

It's crucial to select the appropriate crystal oscillator with the desired frequency, output type, and specifications to ensure reliable operation and compatibility with the electronic system or circuit where it will be used.