BAT54C,215: Overview, Features, and Applications


The BAT54C,215 is a small signal Schottky diode from NXP Semiconductors, an industry-leading provider of semiconductor solutions. It's designed for use in high-speed switching applications. The digit "215" typically refers to specific product packaging information, indicating that the device is provided in a specific type of SOT23 package compatible with "tape and reel" shipping method.



The BAT54C,215 is a Schottky barrier double diode enclosed in a compact SOT23 plastic package and configured in a common cathode arrangement, meaning that the cathodes (negative ends) of the two diodes are connected together.


  • Schottky Barrier Diodes: Schottky barrier diodes use a metal-semiconductor junction instead of a semiconductor-semiconductor junction, which gives them a lower forward voltage drop (typically 0.3V) and faster switching speed compared to traditional silicon diodes.
  • High-Speed Switching: Designed for fast switching applications.
  • Low Forward Voltage Drop: This leads to high efficiency and reduced heat production during operation.
  • Common Cathode Configuration: This dual-diode arrangement simplifies circuit design in certain applications.
  • Compact SOT23 Packaging: A small form factor suitable for high-density circuit designs.


The BAT54C,215, due to its speed, low power loss, and compact packaging, is suitable for a range of applications:

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Used in RFID systems for low-power, high-frequency signal rectification.
  • High-Frequency Circuits: Used in various high-frequency applications including power supplies, oscillators, and detectors.
  • Switching Power Supply: Can be used in various sections of a switching power supply, including the rectifier stage and snubber circuits.
  • Protection Circuits: The BAT54C can be used in clamping and protection circuits due to its fast response time.
  • Voltage Clamping: It can be used to clamp voltages to prevent them from exceeding a certain level.


Always make sure to review the manufacturer's datasheet before incorporating a component like the BAT54C,215 into a design to ensure it meets your specific circuit requirements. The datasheet provides detailed electrical specifications, maximum ratings, package details, and other important information.