Advantech Corp 96MPXE-2.1-16M36: A Discontinued Skylake Microprocessor Module


The "96MPXE-2.1-16M36" is a product code denoting an Advantech system based on a Xeon processor. Here's an overview based on the information provided:


Advantech 96MPXE-2.1-16M36 System:

  • Processor: Intel Xeon Processor
    • Model: Xeon Gold 4116
    • Cores: 12 Cores
    • Base Frequency: 2.1 GHz
    • Cache: 16.5 MB
    • Socket Type: Socket 3647P (LGA3647)
    • DataSheet

      96MPXE-2.1-16M36 PDF

System Features:

  • Processor Architecture: Xeon processors are designed for enterprise-level computing tasks, offering high performance and reliability.
  • Cores and Threads: With 12 cores, this Xeon processor supports multithreaded applications for enhanced parallel processing.
  • Cache Size: The 16.5 MB cache helps reduce memory access latency for faster data retrieval.
  • Base Clock Speed: The 2.1 GHz base clock speed provides a solid foundation for processing tasks efficiently.
  • Socket Type: The LGA3647 socket type is designed to accommodate high-performance Xeon processors.

Possible Applications:

  • Enterprise Servers: Suitable for running critical workloads in enterprise server environments.
  • Data Centers: Ideal for data center operations requiring high compute power and reliability.
  • Virtualization: Capable of handling virtualization tasks and running multiple operating systems simultaneously.
  • High-Performance Computing: Used in HPC environments for complex computational tasks.
  • Big Data Analytics: Well-suited for processing large datasets in analytics applications.


  • Customizations: Advantech systems may offer customized configurations to meet specific project requirements.
  • Performance: The Xeon Gold 4116 is a capable processor for demanding computing tasks, especially in server and data center environments.
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with other components in the system such as motherboard, memory, and storage devices.

For detailed specifications, compatibility information, and further details about the Advantech 96MPXE-2.1-16M36 system with the Xeon Gold 4116 processor, it is recommended to refer to Advantech's product documentation or contact their support team for specific technical details and support related to this system configuration.