A Comprehensive Guide to GOLDELOX Microcontroller by 4D Systems Pty Ltd


GOLDELOX Microcontroller by 4D Systems Pty Ltd: A Comprehensive Guide

The GOLDELOX microcontroller by 4D Systems Pty Ltd is a versatile embedded system engine designed for various graphical display applications. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding and working with the GOLDELOX microcontroller:



  • Manufacturer: 4D Systems Pty Ltd
  • Product Name: GOLDELOX
  • Key Features: Graphics Controller, Display Driver, and Microcontroller combined in a single chip
  • Programming Interface: 4DGL (4D Graphics Language)
  • Display Support: Capable of driving various types of displays including TFT, OLED, and LCD screens
  • Application Focus: Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), IoT Devices, and Display Applications
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Key Components:

  1. Graphics Controller:

    • The GOLDELOX microcontroller integrates a graphics controller capable of rendering graphics, text, and images on display screens efficiently.
  2. Display Driver:

    • It includes a display driver that interfaces with the chosen display technology, translating the graphical data from the microcontroller into visible content on the screen.
  3. Microcontroller Core:

    • The system also functions as a microcontroller with processing capabilities, allowing users to program it to control the display and interact with external devices.
  4. 4D Graphics Language (4DGL):

    • The GOLDELOX platform typically utilizes the 4DGL programming language, a high-level language optimized for creating graphical applications on embedded systems.

Programming and Development:

  • Software Development Environment: 4D Systems offers a dedicated Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming GOLDELOX devices.

  • Graphic Design Tools: The software tools provided assist in creating user interfaces with graphical elements, fonts, and widgets.

  • 4DGL Programming: Developers can write code in 4DGL to design and control the graphical user interface, define interactions, and handle inputs from users.


  1. Embedded Display Applications:

    • GOLDELOX is commonly used in embedded systems requiring graphical displays such as industrial control panels, medical devices, and consumer electronics.
  2. IoT Devices:

    • It finds applications in IoT devices that require visual feedback or user interaction through touch-sensitive displays.
  3. Education and Prototyping:

    • Ideal for educational purposes to teach programming and interface design, as well as for prototyping projects with graphical interfaces.

Additional Information:

  • Support: 4D Systems typically provides technical documentation, tutorials, and community forums to assist developers in using the GOLDELOX microcontroller effectively.

  • Compatibility: Verify compatibility with display modules and other components to ensure seamless integration in your project.

  • Customization: Depending on the specific requirements, 4D Systems may offer customized solutions and support for tailored applications.


The GOLDELOX microcontroller by 4D Systems is a powerful yet user-friendly platform for developing graphical display applications in various industries. With its integrated graphics controller, display driver, and microcontroller core, coupled with the 4DGL programming language, developers can create sophisticated graphical user interfaces for a wide range of embedded systems and IoT devices.