A Comprehensive Guide to ABLIC S-1702RBF00-I6T1U Voltage Regulator


A Comprehensive Guide to ABLIC S-1702RBF00-I6T1U Voltage Regulator

The ABLIC S-1702RBF00-I6T1U is a fixed-voltage, low-power consumption voltage regulator designed for various electronic applications. Below is a comprehensive guide to understanding this specific voltage regulator and how it can be effectively utilized in different circuit designs:



  • Manufacturer: ABLIC Inc.
  • Product Name: S-1702RBF00-I6T1U
  • Regulator Type: Fixed Voltage Regulator
  • Package Type: SOT-23-5
  • Output Voltage: Fixed output voltage (specific value determined by the part number)
  • Features: Low dropout voltage, high output voltage accuracy, low quiescent current, and thermal shutdown protection
  • DataSheet

    S-1702RBF00-I6T1U PDF

Key Features:

  1. Fixed Output Voltage:
    • The S-1702RBF00-I6T1U provides a stable output voltage, typically set to a specific value at the time of manufacturing.
  2. Low Dropout Voltage:
    • Capable of maintaining regulation even when the input voltage is close to the output voltage, ensuring efficient power conversion.
  3. Low Quiescent Current:
    • Consumes minimal current during standby or no-load conditions, enhancing energy efficiency.
  4. Thermal Shutdown Protection:
    • Protects the regulator from overheating by shutting down output when the device temperature exceeds safe limits.
  5. SOT-23-5 Package:
    • Housed in a small SOT-23-5 package, suitable for space-constrained applications and easy PCB mounting.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage Range: The regulator can operate within a specified input voltage range.
  • Output Current Capacity: Maximum current the regulator can supply to the load.
  • Dropout Voltage: The minimum required voltage difference between the input and output for regulation to occur.
  • Operating Temperature Range: The temperature limits within which the regulator operates efficiently.


  1. Battery-Powered Devices:
    • Commonly used in portable electronic devices, ensuring a stable voltage supply from batteries.
  2. Embedded Systems:
    • Suitable for powering microcontrollers, sensors, and other components in embedded applications.
  3. Wearable Electronics:
    • Ideal for providing regulated power in small form factor devices like wearable fitness trackers and smartwatches.
  4. IoT Devices:
    • Used in various IoT devices for voltage regulation and power management.
  5. Consumer Electronics:
    • Applications include digital cameras, MP3 players, and other handheld electronic devices.

Usage Tips:

  • Ensure the input voltage does not exceed the specified limits to prevent damage to the regulator.
  • Adequate decoupling capacitors near the input and output pins help in stabilizing the regulator.
  • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and datasheet recommendations for optimal performance.


The ABLIC S-1702RBF00-I6T1U voltage regulator offers a reliable and efficient solution for voltage regulation in a variety of electronic devices. With its fixed output voltage, low dropout characteristics, and compact SOT-23-5 package, it is well-suited for applications requiring stable power supplies with minimal power consumption. By understanding its features, technical specifications, and applications, engineers and hobbyists can effectively integrate this voltage regulator into their designs to ensure reliable and regulated power distribution.