The 1N4148W-TP is a general-purpose diode manufactured by MCC (Micro Commercial Components). Here are the key specifications and details about this component:


  • Manufacturer: MCC (Micro Commercial Components)
  • Part Number: 1N4148W-TP
  • Type: General-Purpose Diode
  • Voltage Rating: 100V
  • Current Rating: 150mA
  • Package: SOD123 (also known as MELF or Mini-Melf)
  • DataSheet

    1N4148W-TP PDF

Key Features:

  1. General-Purpose Diode: The 1N4148 is a widely used small-signal diode with various applications in electronics.

  2. Voltage Rating (100V): This is the maximum reverse voltage that the diode can withstand.

  3. Current Rating (150mA): Indicates the maximum forward current that the diode can handle without getting damaged.

  4. Package (SOD123): The SOD123 package is a small surface-mount package suitable for compact designs.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Signal Rectification: Commonly used for signal rectification and detection in electronic circuits.

  • Fast Switching: Known for its fast switching speed, useful in high-frequency applications.

  • Voltage Clamping: Offers protection in circuits by clamping excessive voltage transients.

  • High-Speed Applications: Suitable for high-speed signal switching and rectification tasks.

Working Principle:

  • The 1N4148 is a small-signal diode that conducts current primarily in one direction (forward bias) and blocks it in the opposite direction (reverse bias).

Typical Applications:

  • Signal Demodulation: Used for demodulating different types of signals.

  • Signal Clipping: Employed in clipping circuits to limit the amplitude of input signals.

  • Oscillator Circuits: Can be used in oscillator circuits for signal generation.

  • Voltage Protection: Offers overvoltage protection in various electronic circuits.

Implementation Considerations:

  • Polarity: Ensure correct orientation when connecting the diode in the circuit, as it only conducts in one direction.

  • Current Limitation: Adhere to the specified current rating to prevent overheating and damage.

  • Voltage Ratings: Operate the diode within the defined voltage limits for reliable performance.

  • Package and Mounting: Choose appropriate mounting and handling methods as per the SOD123 package specifications.

Before integrating the 1N4148W-TP diode into your circuit design, refer to MCC's datasheet for detailed specifications, pinout information, application notes, and usage guidelines to ensure optimal performance and reliability in your specific application.