TXS0108ERGYR Translators: Main functions, application areas and alternative models


The TXS0108ERGYR is an 8-bit bidirectional voltage-level translator from Rochester Electronics. Here are the main functions, application areas, and some alternative models for the TXS0108ERGYR:


Main Functions:

  1. Voltage Translation: The primary function of the TXS0108ERGYR is to translate voltage levels between different integrated circuit families, enabling communication between devices operating at different voltage levels.
  2. Bidirectional Communication: It supports bidirectional data transfer, enabling signals to flow in both directions between two voltage domains.
  3. 8-Bit Buffer: It incorporates eight channels for voltage translation in setups requiring multiple independent signal translation paths.

Application Areas:

  1. I2C/SMBus Level Shifting: Used to facilitate communication between microcontrollers, sensors, and other I2C/SMBus devices operating at different voltage levels.
  2. UART and Serial Communication: Employed for interfacing between devices with different voltage levels that communicate over UART, SPI, or other serial communication interfaces.
  3. Mixed Voltage Microcontroller Systems: Integrated into systems with microcontrollers, sensors, or other digital devices operating at different voltage levels.
  4. Battery-Powered Devices: Utilized in portable and battery-powered devices where the need for voltage translation arises to support different subsystems with varying voltage requirements.

Alternative Models:

When seeking alternatives to the TXS0108ERGYR, it's important to consider factors such as voltage levels, speed, package size, and bidirectional capability. Some potential alternative models may include:

  1. SN74LVC8T245: Manufactured by Texas Instruments, this is an 8-bit dual-supply bus transceiver with configurable voltage-level shifting.
  2. PCA9306: Produced by NXP Semiconductors, this is a dual bidirectional I2C-bus and SMBus voltage-level translator with an enable function, accommodating 2.3V to 5.5V on the A-side and 1.65V to 5.5V on the B-side.
  3. NLSX4373: An offering from ON Semiconductor, this is a dual supply translating transceiver with auto-direction sensing and a drive capability of 20mA on the A and B ports.
  4. TS3L501E: Manufactured by Texas Instruments, this is a dual-supply translating transceiver for bidirectional communication with 5-V tolerant I/O.

When considering alternative models, it is important to ensure that the specifications align with the requirements of the target application, including voltage level support, speed, and package compatibility, to seamlessly integrate the selected device into the system design.