The TPS60151DRVR from Texas Instruments is a charge pump integrated circuit that is designed to generate a regulated 5V output using a charge pump architecture. It can supply up to 140mA of current and comes in a 6-pin SON (Small Outline No-lead) package. Here is an overview detailing its specifications, main uses, features, application fields, working principle, and potential alternative models:


TPS60151DRVR Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • IC Type: Charge Pump Voltage Regulator
  • Package Type: 6-pin SON (Small Outline No-lead)
  • Output Voltage: Regulated 5V
  • Maximum Output Current: 140mA

Key Specifications:

  • Output Type: Regulated 5V output voltage generated through charge pump operation
  • Maximum Output Current: Capable of supplying up to 140mA for low-power applications
  • Package Size: 6-pin SON, compact for space-constrained designs
  • Efficiency: Typical charge pump voltage conversion efficiency
  • Switching Frequency: Operates at a specific switching frequency for voltage conversion
  • DataSheet

    TPS60151DRVR PDF

Main Uses:

  • Voltage Conversion: Converts input voltage to a regulated 5V output
  • Low-Power Applications: Suitable for battery-powered or low-power devices
  • Power Management: Used in power management circuits to provide a stable voltage source
  • Portable Electronics: Commonly found in portable electronic devices for voltage regulation


  • Charge Pump Operation: Utilizes charge pump circuitry for voltage conversion
  • Regulated Output: Provides stable 5V output voltage
  • Low Power Consumption: Efficient design for low-power applications
  • Compact Size: 6-pin SON package for space-efficient PCB layout
  • Overcurrent Protection: May include protection features for the circuit and load

Application Fields:

  • Portable Devices: Integrated into various portable electronic devices
  • IoT Devices: Used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications for power management
  • Wearable Technology: Utilized in wearable devices requiring regulated power supply
  • Battery-Powered Systems: Found in systems powered by batteries that need efficient voltage regulation

Working Principle:

  • The TPS60151DRVR charges and discharges capacitors in a specific sequence to generate a regulated 5V output from the input voltage.
  • By utilizing a charge pump architecture, it effectively steps up or down the input voltage to achieve the desired 5V output.
  • The charge pump operation ensures efficient voltage conversion with low power loss.

Alternative Models:

  • MAX1523: Maxim charge pump IC with similar voltage regulation capabilities.
  • MIC2293: Micrel charge pump regulator offering similar features for low-power applications.
  • LT1054: Linear Technology charge pump IC providing voltage conversion functionality.

The TPS60151DRVR from Texas Instruments is a compact and efficient charge pump IC designed for generating a regulated 5V output in low-power applications. Understanding its features, specifications, and working principles can aid in selecting the appropriate IC for voltage conversion and power management requirements. For detailed technical information and application-specific guidelines, referencing the official datasheet provided by Texas Instruments is recommended.