TPS3809L30DBVR: Main functions, application areas and alternative models


The TPS3809L30DBVR is a voltage supervisor or monitor manufactured by Texas Instruments. It is commonly used in electronics for monitoring system voltage and providing a reset signal to a microcontroller or processor under specific voltage conditions. The main functions, application areas, and potential alternative models for the TPS3809L30DBVR are as follows:


Main functions:

  1. Voltage Monitoring: The TPS3809L30DBVR continuously monitors the system voltage and produces a reset signal when the voltage falls below a predefined threshold or during a power-on event.

  2. Reset Generation: It generates the reset signal, alerting the microcontroller or processor when the supply voltage drops below a set level and remains in this state for a programmable reset timeout period.

  3. Power-On Reset: Provides a reliable indication to the microcontroller or processor that the supply voltage has reached its operating level during power-up.

Application areas:

  1. Microcontroller Systems: Used to monitor supply voltage in microcontroller-based systems, ensuring a controlled reset when voltage levels deviate from specified parameters.

  2. Industrial Control Systems: Integrated into diverse industrial automation and control systems, supervising power supply integrity and enabling secure reset control during power-up and undervoltage events.

  3. Communications Equipment: Utilized in network appliances, servers, and communication devices to ensure reliable operation through voltage monitoring and reset functions.

  4. Consumer Electronics: Integrated into various consumer electronics, including home automation systems, smart devices, and IoT (Internet of Things) products, to manage voltage stability and reset control.

  5. Automotive Electronics: Commonly employed within automotive electronic control modules, sensors, and other critical components to supervise voltage levels and ensure system integrity.

Alternative models:

Potential alternatives to the TPS3809L30DBVR include other voltage supervisors or monitors with similar functionality. Some alternative models include:

  1. MAX823: Manufactured by Maxim Integrated, the MAX823 is a low-power microprocessor reset circuit, suitable for many of the same applications as the TPS3809L30DBVR.

  2. ADM708: Produced by Analog Devices, the ADM708 is another voltage monitor and reset generator capable of monitoring system voltage and generating resets under defined conditions.

  3. MIC803: This is a low-power voltage supervisor from Microchip Technology, also offering functions similar to those of the TPS3809L30DBVR.

  4. ISL88001: Manufactured by Renesas (formerly Intersil), the ISL88001 is a microprocessor supervisory circuit that performs similar functions and can be used as an alternative in many applications.

When considering alternative models, it is important to review specifications such as voltage thresholds, reset timeout periods, quiescent current, and temperature range, to ensure that the chosen alternative effectively meets the specific requirements of the application.