TPS2829DBVR Rochester Electronics TPS2829 NON-INVERTING HIGH-SPEED


The TPS2829DBVR is a non-inverting high-speed driver IC manufactured by Rochester Electronics. Here is a detailed introduction to the TPS2829DBVR:



  • Manufacturer: Rochester Electronics
  • Part Number: TPS2829DBVR
  • Type: Non-Inverting High-Speed Driver IC

Key Specifications:

  • Function: Non-inverting high-speed driver
  • Package Type: DBV (SOT-23) or similar package
  • Operating Voltage: Typically operates within a specific voltage range (refer to the datasheet for exact details)
  • Output Current: Capable of driving a specific load current (details in the datasheet)
  • Speed: High-speed operation for rapid signal processing
  • DataSheet


Features and Applications:

  • Non-Inverting Driver: Amplifies signals without inverting their polarity
  • High-Speed Operation: Suitable for applications requiring fast response times
  • Versatile: Can be used in a variety of electronic circuits as a driver
  • Compact Package: DBV (SOT-23) package for space-saving and integration
  • Reliable Performance: Designed by Rochester Electronics known for quality components

Package Information:

  • DBV (SOT-23) Package: Small Outline Transistor - similar to SOT-23 package, commonly used for compact designs


  • Signal Amplification: Used to amplify signals while maintaining the same polarity
  • Switching Circuits: Ideal for driving switches and control signals
  • Motor Control: Can be used in motor control applications for driving motors efficiently
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Circuits: Suitable for applications requiring precise timing and control
  • Push-Pull Amplifiers: Can drive push-pull amplifier stages in audio or power applications


  • High Speed: Fast response time for time-sensitive applications
  • Non-Inverting Operation: Maintains signal polarity without inversion
  • Compact Design: Space-saving package for compact electronic designs
  • Reliable Performance: Manufactured by Rochester Electronics known for quality components
  • Versatile Usage: Applicable in various electronic circuits needing a high-speed non-inverting driver

The TPS2829DBVR by Rochester Electronics is a non-inverting high-speed driver IC suitable for a range of applications requiring fast response times and non-inverting signal amplification. With its compact DBV (SOT-23) package, high-speed operation, and reliability, this driver IC can be effectively utilized in switching circuits, motor control, PWM applications, push-pull amplifiers, and other electronic circuits where signal amplification without polarity inversion is necessary.

For more detailed electrical characteristics, operating conditions, and application information, it is recommended to consult the datasheet provided by Rochester Electronics for the TPS2829DBVR.