TJA1051T/E/1J NXP Semiconductors IC TRANSCEIVER HALF 1/1 8SO


The TJA1051T/E/1J is a transceiver IC produced by NXP Semiconductors with the following specifications:


  • Type: Half-duplex Transceiver
  • Number of Channels: 1 Transmit, 1 Receive (1/1)
  • Package: 8-SO (Small Outline Package)
  • Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors
  • Model: TJA1051T/E/1J
  • DataSheet

    TJA1051T/E/1J PDF

Key Features:

  1. Half-Duplex Transceiver: This IC is designed for half-duplex communication, allowing transmission and reception of data in both directions but not simultaneously.

  2. Channels: The transceiver has one transmit channel and one receive channel, denoted as 1/1.

  3. Package Type (8-SO): The 8-SO package is a Small Outline package with 8 leads, suitable for surface-mount applications and efficient use of PCB space.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Communication: The TJA1051T/E/1J is typically used in communication systems where there is a need for bidirectional data transfer on a single communication channel.

  • Industrial Applications: Transceivers like the TJA1051T/E/1J are commonly used in industrial automation, automotive, and similar applications where robust and reliable communication is required.

  • CAN Bus Interface: This transceiver IC could be part of a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus interface, which is often used in automotive and industrial applications for communication between microcontrollers and devices.

Working Principle:

Transceivers like the TJA1051T/E/1J facilitate bidirectional data transfer over a single communication channel, commonly using protocols like CAN. They typically feature both transmit and receive circuitry to facilitate communication between different nodes in a network.

Typical Applications:

  • Automotive Electronics: Used in automotive electronic systems where CAN communication is essential for various functions within a vehicle.

  • Industrial Automation: Deployed in industrial automation systems to enable communication between different parts of a manufacturing or control system.

  • Communications Systems: Utilized in various communication systems where reliable and bidirectional data transfer is necessary.

The TJA1051T/E/1J from NXP Semiconductors is a specialized transceiver IC suitable for applications that require half-duplex communication capabilities with a single transmit and receive channel. It plays a critical role in enabling communication between different components in electronic systems, providing a reliable and efficient data transfer interface.