SS34-E3/57T: Overview, Features, and Applications


The SS34-E3/57T is a Schottky Barrier Rectifier. Here's an overview of its features, package type, and typical applications:


  • Type: Schottky Barrier Rectifier
  • Package: DO-214AC (SMA)
  • Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductor



  1. Low Forward Voltage Drop: The SS34-E3/57T is designed with a low forward voltage drop, leading to reduced power loss and improved efficiency in rectification applications.

  2. Fast Switching: It offers fast switching speed, making it suitable for high-frequency applications and enabling rapid on/off transitions.

  3. Low Reverse Leakage Current: This rectifier showcases low reverse leakage current, leading to better performance in applications where low power loss during reverse bias is critical.

  4. High Junction Temperature: The diode can withstand relatively high junction temperatures, enhancing its durability and reliability in various operating conditions.

  5. DO-214AC Package: This package is commonly used for surface mount applications, making it suitable for modern electronics manufacturing.


  1. Power Supplies: Commonly used in DC-DC converters, voltage regulators, and other power supply circuits where efficient rectification is essential.

  2. Reverse Polarity Protection: Employed to protect sensitive components and circuits from damage due to reverse polarity or overvoltage conditions.

  3. Switching Regulators: Used in switching regulator circuits for efficient voltage regulation and power management in electronic devices.

  4. Output Rectification: Applied in various rectification circuits to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), especially in power supplies and battery charging systems.

  5. Freewheeling Diode: Utilized as a freewheeling diode in inductive load applications to provide a path for the inductive current when the switch is turned off.

  6. Solar Panels and Power Management: Used in solar panel applications and various renewable energy systems for efficient energy harvesting and power conversion.

The SS34-E3/57T Schottky Barrier Rectifier, with its low forward voltage drop, fast switching speed, and low reverse leakage current, is often implemented in a wide range of electronic applications including power supplies, voltage regulators, and other power management circuits.